123Movies Proxy – List of Unblocked 123Movies Proxy

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The changing scenario of entertainment has shifted the focus of the viewers on online entertainment sources. The increasing demand for movies and series has raised the demand for smooth and safe torrent platforms.

With this increasing demand, various torrent platforms have come into existence, with 123Movies being a premier one.

Let us know more about the 123Movies and the different proxies available.

About 123Movies

123Movies is one of the finest torrent platforms that offer seamless integration, a user-friendly dashboard, and HD quality content for download. Showing the fantastic mix of Hollywood and Bollywood movies in the subbed and dubbed forms, this is a simple platform to access.

The arrangement and categorization based on favorite, the latest release, genre, and various other bases make the search for the favorite title quick.

A platform that offers the newest content updated regularly, 123movies has earned a considerable fan base in no time.

Though this is one of the prime sites, yet there are chances that the user might face difficulty while accessing it.

Using a VPN or accessing the proxy sites can solve many problems and help access the platform without any hassle.

The link is https://wattchmovie.top

VPN for 123Movies- Know The Basics

VPN or the virtual private network is one of the most acceptable options to access the blocked sites.

It is available in both paid and free forms. Hiding the user’s actual identity and allowing him to access the blocked site with the help of different IP addresses, VPN offers an excellent service.

The best VPN to match the needs of the user will ensure better performance. Some of the prominent picks are:


Save 35%


Save 81%

Though using a VPN is one of the most acceptable options, users may find it difficult to set up. This is where using the proxy sites can help get access without any hassle or interruptions.

123Movies Proxies

VPN is one of the most popular ways to access the blocked sites. The second great option is to use the proxy sites that offer access to the blocked sites by transferring the user to the copied site, offering content similar to that of the original site.

Proxy sites are one of the finest options to download entertainment content with the utmost safety and security.

There are multiple proxy sites available, and apparently, every site lands the user to the content available on the main domain.

The top proxy sites that one can access for the 123Movies are:

Use VPN123movies Proxy List Status
123movies Proxy 1checkmark
123movies Proxy 2checkmark
123movies Proxy 3checkmark
123movies Proxy 4checkmark
123movies Proxy 5checkmark
123movies Proxy 6checkmark
123movies Proxy 7checkmark
123movies Proxy 8checkmark
123movies Proxy 9checkmark
123movies Proxy 10checkmark

123Movies Alternatives

123Movies is one of the best platforms to access the latest collection of movies. But there are chances that a user might face some geo-blocked restrictions while accessing the platform.

Some of the amazing alternatives available are:


Offering a wide range of movies from both Hollywood and Bollywood genres, YesMovies is one of the best platforms. It provides the content in 480p, 720p, and 1080p quality with the subbed and dubbed format for the users.


One of the best platforms that allow users to watch HD quality movies online is one of the best choices. Offering a range of movies from various genres and years of release, the collection offered here is impressive.

➦ Tamilblasters

Tamilblasters is undoubtedly one of the finest torrent platforms that offer an immense collection of movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, English, and Bollywood Telugu dubbed versions.

➦ Tamilgun

Tamilgun is one of the torrent platforms that offers a vast collection of movies linked to the fields of Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Bollywood movies.


Another great platform that offers high-quality movies and quick access with a user-friendly dashboard is the iDope. Updating the content frequently offers a comprehensive collection of the latest and classic movies and series.


With over 10 million active content and enormous downloadable entertainment content related to movies, TV shows, series, music, and much more, this is a successful platform to visit. Offering HD quality content, this is one of the best platforms to access.


Another great choice to make is YourBittorrent. It ensures all the safety and security measures and allows the users to access the high-quality content without any hassle.

Allowing the high-speed download and fewer pop-ups, this is a site preferred by most users online.


Using the 123Movies is one of the best choices that allow the user to access the platform without any hassle. The smooth and user-friendly interface allows the user to download the movies quickly.

Though it is easy to use, it is still advised to use a proxy site or a VPN for the hassle-free approach that can ensure no restrictions while downloading.


Is 123Movies free to use?

The content available on the 123Movies is entirely free to use. The user can download any amount of content without any need to register.

How to use the 123Movies?

The platform is very simple to use. The user needs to reach the platform using any of the links mentioned above. Using the search bar, type the title or search the title from the list, and using the magnet links, click on download to get the content.

Is 123Movies safe?

The platform ensures that new content reaches the users regularly. The content offered is safe and secure and ensures no malware or virus attacks.

What makes 123movies one of the best?

Offering top-quality content, a friendly interface, the latest updates, and continuous additions in content, 123Movies is one of the best platforms available to users.

Are 123Movies proxy sites similar to the primary site?

The proxy sites are basically duplicate sites of the main site and offer the same content as the main one. Offering safe and secure access, the proxy sites are perfect to use.

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