29 Compelling Business Ideas In Kolkata With Low Investment

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Kolkata has been coined the term of being the ‘cultural capital of India’. Kolkata has various museums, planetariums, football and cricket grounds and various places of religious interests. There are amusement parks and other entertainment sources for all age groups. But what are some of the most famous business ideas in Kolkata? 

Let’s Explore!

29 Business ideas in Kolkata After Lockdown

1. Fish Cuisines

Kolkata is famous for fish and using this opportunity to bag a profitable business from the list of business ideas in Kolkata shouldn’t come as a surprise.

You can hire a chef who has mastered that art of cooking fish and can target tourists to provide them with a fish treat like no other.

2. Open a Football Club

Talking about football and not mentioning Kolkata seems impossible. Kolkata is the home to some of the best football clubs in India, such as Mohan Bagan, East Bengal Football Club, Prayag United S.C. and more.

You can invest your money in these clubs or form a new one. These options definitely strike a chord when it comes to selecting the best business ideas in Kolkata.

3. Rasgulla Shop

You haven’t had a Rasgulla if it’s not from Kolkata. Rosgulla are one of the most revered desserts in India.

To make the life for people with a sweet tooth irresistible, employ business ideas in Kolkata that revolve around opening a Rosgulla shop.

4. Medical Sample collector

Earlier it used to be a task to get your blood and lab work done. With better technology, India has better facilities too.

You can use business ideas in Kolkata to collect medical samples directly from the patients’ home, making the process extremely smooth.

5. Delivery of someone else’s business products

So many people are in search of new business ideas in Kolkata, why not help those who already know what they want but don’t have the facility to fulfil their business needs.

Start a delivery business that can deliver someone else’s products. So that everyone is in a win-win situation.

6. Furniture Dry Cleaning Services

Every Durga Pooja comes with the thought of cleaning the house. While the entire house is getting cleaned, how can the furniture be left behind?

Business ideas in Kolkata such as furniture dry cleaning services can be very profitable.

7. Rickshaw

Kolkata has a lot of rickshaws where men carry other people in hand carts or other varieties of rickshaws.

You can buy some rickshaws and give them on rent to people who would use the rickshaws and pay the rent to you.

8. Provide a Place for Laundry Work

Many people are now shifting from one place to another in search of jobs. When this happens, a lot of them don’t have laundry services available. 

You can provide a small place with laundry equipment such as washing machines and detergent.

9. Handmade mobile covers

Imagining a life without mobile phones now seems rather impossible!

If you have the artistic skills to make mobile covers or the ability to decorate the regular ones, then business ideas in Kolkata like these are what you have been looking for!

10. Reusing and Redesigning of Old Sarees

Kolkata is famous for elaborate sarees, white and red sarees and more.

Use this knowledge as business ideas in Kolkata to redesign old sarees into new fabric pieces.

11. Applique Making

Are you fascinated by the beautiful pieces of fabric that can be stuck on any clothing?

If this sounds interesting to you then applique making could be a possible line of business you would want to venture into.

12. Tram Maintenance Services

Kolkata from the time of British rule has been famous for Trams. You can even spot trams in movies that depict the life in Kolkata

If Trams are such an important heritage for Kolkata, then providing maintenance services for them can turn out to be an exceptional business opportunity.

13. Aquarium Cleaning Services

Many people like to have pets at home, some of them like cats while others like dogs. There is yet another group that prefers peaceful fish.

But cleaning the aquarium can be a hassle, you can provide aquarium cleaning services as a profitable business.

14. Fumigation Service

Just like many other states in India, mosquitoes have not left Kolkata behind. You can always see the mosquito nets over the beds.

Creating a team that provides fumigation services is also among the most interesting business ideas in Kolkata.

15. Selling Photos Online

When everything is going online, why shouldn’t you too? Kolkata has an abundant cultural heritage that can’t be overlooked. Click pictures of these beautiful sites and sell them online to companies that need to depict the beauty of Kolkata.

16. Homemade Jhal Muri Shop

Jhal Muri is one of the most famous and iconic snack foods of Bengal. Jhal Muri literally refers to ‘hot’ or ‘spicy’. It is a mouth-watering combination of puffed rice, spices, vegetables and mustard oil.

If you have mastered making jhal muri or know someone who can make it for you, you have got a business idea ready to be cooked.

Kolkata is filled with artists and you can help the budding artist display their wonderful talents.

Open an art gallery to welcome new talent. Your gallery can also run some art courses to boost your financial gains.

18. Poultry Breeding

Poultry is one of the best sources of lean meat. If you have a farm and can hire someone to look after poultry, then this is the business idea you were looking for.

19. Automobile modification

Be it imported or Indian, cars have fascinated all of us at some or the other point of time. 

Get all mechanical and modify all sorts of cars the way your client likes. This idea can be a great pick from the available options of business ideas in Kolkata.

20. Organic Grocery Store

Adulterated products have hit the markets like a hurricane, there seems to be nothing else left.

You can tie up with farmers who grow organic products and make them available to your customers in one place, while breaking the chain of adultrated products.

21. Sell Vegetables from your kitchen garden

Something closer to the business idea mentioned above. Create your kitchen garden and sell the vegetables and fruits that you grow. This way you can be sure of the quality.

22. Seed distribution

Procure seeds from around the country and the world to make the best out of the business ideas in Kolkata.

Start a business of supplying these seeds to various farmers and the government.

23. Sell Indian Masalas or Spices

What is Indian food without the spices or masalas used in them to create great food variations?

Acquire all the Indian masalas you can find to the people living in Kolkata and outside.

24. Naturopathic healing

Kolkata is not only filled with a cultural heritage but you can also find some great herbs.

Use the healing power of these wonders of nature and start a healing practice.

25. Alternative Therapies (Spa)

The world is becoming stressed with each day that is passed, using alternative therapies to relieve stress can be among some of the sought after business ideas in Kolkata.

You can start your own Spa chain and help people become stress-free.

26. Water Aerobics

Getting a little deeper into the topic of alternative therapies this one also qualifies as the new option for business ideas in Kolkata.

You can build a pool or rent one and start water aerobics classes for better healing.

27. Sell Customized Branded Shoes

Fashion keeps on changing, so why not do something that is trending?

Buy branded shoes and customize them according to your customer’s needs and preferences.

28. Fancy dressmaking

All the parents know how difficult it is to find the perfect costume for children during fancy dress competitions.

Make fancy dresses and provide them on rent to kids and adults.

29. Hair Mask Making

People living in Kolkata are famous for having great hair.

Use cultural knowledge of Kolkata as great business ideas in Kolkata by making homemade hair masks.

All in All

This was the complete article on business ideas in Kolkata. I hope this article was helpful to you.