Top 10 Business Ideas Set Up in Goa in 2022

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Goa, as we know, is a famous tourist destination not only for Indians but also for foreigners.

The central part of its attraction is its pristine beaches. Every beach has its different look and serenity where you can spend your time either enjoying the charming view of the seaside or by getting into the splattering water with your friends and family.

Some of the famous beaches of Goa are Baga, Calangute, Anjuna, Morjim, Colva, Candolim, Arambol, etc.

Apart from the beaches, it’s an excellent hub for Seafood lovers. An enormous variety of fish food is available for all the foodies there. Not only seafood but also a typical Goan curry food is a staple diet of Goa and tastes heavenly.

So Goa’s business idea can be diverse from fishery to breweries, transportation to accommodation, etc.

Some of the fantastic business Ideas in Goa are listed below.

1. Hotels and Resorts:

Hotels and Resorts

Being one of India’s most famous tourist attractions, it indeed needs to have the best resorts and hotels there. When one decides to go for a vacation, he looks for comfort, luxury, beauty, and landscape or a sea view accommodation. Hence this would be one of the best and high-growth business ideas in Goa.

2. Café Business:

Café Business

Gone are those days when people used to look for restaurants only for eating. Now is the time when they not only want to eat but spend some time at a good café with some good music and chit-chats. The café business has been emerging as a great business idea in Goa. 

3. Water Sports and Scuba Diving:

Water Sports

Goa not only attracts for its serenity and beaches and the fun and adventurous water rides as well. There are several water sports available with different ranges and for other age groups. It could be parasailing, banana ride, Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, windsurfing, bungee jumping, etc. 

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4. Fish Farming:

Fish Farming

This one of the oldest and authentic economic activities of Goa. Since Goa’s geographical location is towards the coastal region, it does prioritize fish farming business there. 

5. Brewpubs Business:

Startup Brewpubs

Goa is renowned for its low and cheap prices for alcohol, wines, and beers since a deficient excise duty levied. It serves the best varieties of flavored beers. It’s serving beer, but a beautiful ambiance of pubs and clubs with great music is also offered. 

6. Transportation Business:


We are well aware that where is tourist it needs to have get-at-able transportation service. As for wandering from one place to another, Goa provides good transportation may it be from taxis to scooter renting. This vehicle renting business is booming a lot in many parts of Goa. 

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7. Wedding Business:


Everyone these days needs some changes, something out-of-box concepts and hence our wedding idea has also changed. In recent years, Goa is also being famous for destination weddings being planned there; therefore, a wedding- event management would be a great idea to start a business in Goa. 

8. Food on wheels Business:

food truck business in goa

Since Goa is a sporty place, people mostly enjoy being on the streets now that could either be for some shopping or some good quick snack food. It offers a wide range from shawarmas to tikka rolls and momos, and not forget Ice cream to some different flavored juices. 

9. Tourist Guide Business:

tourist guide

This is one the common business idea at any tourist places but to remind you again Goa holds one of the top sites in tourist attraction it does need to have a lot of tourist guide considering the South goa part where there are forts and churches around we need tour guides and translators since there is tourist visiting of a whole different region from India and out of the country. 

10. Beach Shacks Business:

beach shacks

Last but not least, a beach shack business is the most tremendously booming Goa business. May it is summers or winters, day or night, these beach shacks give you a phenomenal vibe of the music and beach-front dinners and lunches.


These were few Business Ideas growing and would emerge to be high revenue-generating ones in Goa. There are many more like a wine shop, spa, gaming parlors, etc., getting good business to Goa.

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