6 Keys for Building a Global Business

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Building a global business has many challenges. On the other hand, it’s also rewarding, notably if you’ve successfully expanded your business across continents. And as long as you’re honest and sincere, you’ll always have a target audience worldwide who’ll fall in love with what you offer. 

The time has come for your business to expand beyond your local market and into other countries. However, success in building a global business doesn’t happen overnight. It also depends on many different factors. 

Therefore, build your business by following certain key practices. This way, you’ll be able to connect with all your customers and grow your business globally. 

Here’s a look at the six keys to building a global business:

Global Business

1. Establish A Relationship

Many business owners enjoy engaging in business online and have invested in technology to establish a deeper relationship with their customers. Trust and loyalty can be built and enhanced through customer interactions, even if they take place online. 

One such innovation is the virtual debit card, which allows customers to make online payments without having to carry along a real card. Besides that, it shares other attributes with physical cards such as randomly generated 16-digit numbers, an expiry date, and a card verification code. 

Meanwhile, to gain a better understanding of the individuals you’ll be doing business with, it’s beneficial to travel to the countries where you intend to do your business. This is where global companies like Airwallex come in handy, as it also allows you to better connect with the global market.  

When you team up with a global company, you can get a handle on the market you’re about to enter. This also makes interacting with the media, customers, partners, vendors, and outsourced staff more accessible. After your visit, you can post some of your pictures sharing good moments with the locals to showcase how much you appreciate their customs.

2. Look Into Your Target Market

The first thing to do before you go global is to research more about your target market. This will help you gauge and evaluate the market better. Significantly, you can identify whether this market has promising potential for whatever you have to offer. 

Ideally, you should choose a market that you can easily get into. Also, it shouldn’t have too many red flags. In this case, you can consider countries whose governments enhance international trade and offer you a free trade agreement.

Significantly, your chosen market should also be a region where the customers are interested in your product. Furthermore, before you decide, it’s important to assess your market’s legal regulations, geographical constraints, resource supply, size, and cost efficiency.

3. Create A Business Plan And Strategy 

Once you build a global business, you must understand that every country has its unique challenges. This includes market behaviour, the government system, cultural and economic conditions, etc. Therefore, ensure you create a local business plan aligned with the general corporate objectives and strategy to thrive in your mission. 

In addition, you must also define your long-term as well as your short-term strategies. This will guide you when coming up with reasonable goals that can help you determine the cost, progress, and benefits of your plan. It’s also equally important to define your success metrics, objectives, and goals. 

Once you’re done, finalize your company’s business structure and financial model. Here, you can decide whether you want to build a sales office, a branch, or even a separate company. An annual budget should accompany your business plan and strategy. This means you should be able to develop a project plan with deadlines.

4. Enhance Your Market Engagement

Another way of building a global business is through practicing cultural sensitivity, which is crucial in certain regions. One way to achieve this goal is to create a website or landing page and upload all the relevant content that appeals to your target market. This way, you can develop engagement with potential customers to enhance the growth of your business. 

When growing your business globally, you have no option but to ensure you learn more about engaging your target audience. Stop assuming that whatever works in your hometown will apply abroad. 

You’ll have to build an emotional connection, which might be difficult in a global context. To ensure everything works smoothly, utilize content and visuals that resonate with the local culture, including its many nuances.

5. Identify And Build The Right Team 

Building a global business needs you to identify and work closely with the right people to correspond with whatever business you do. For instance, if you have a partner who acts like a mentor in your business, he has to be a trustworthy fellow you can count on, especially when making arrangements to build a global company. 

In addition, you also need a goal-driven business partner that can help you develop an effective marketing strategy. Also, it’s important that they can efficiently manage the expenses and ensure your business will be as competitive as possible.

Moreover, when creating a local office, identify a team that can tell how competitive the market is and advise you on local regulations and rules. This is important because it’ll ensure you don’t start on the wrong footing and have a backlash with the local authorities or your prospective clients.  

With this in mind, the team who’ll handle your international business should be well-familiarized with the given local environment. At the same time, they should know how to protect and care for your interests. In order for your company to succeed in this new market, it’s imperative that it appears credible. 

This is why you must take your time to create a strategic partnership with great alliances that are trustworthy. When choosing a partner, you need to take a risk and not let your assumptions hold you back. 

  1. Price Your Goods Strategically

Another key to building a global business is learning how to price your products competitively. After all, you don’t want to be deemed too expensive by your average potential client for offering the same product or service.  

But even as you price your products or services competitively, don’t forget to prioritize quality and consistency. Otherwise, you’ll stand no chance of succeeding in the global market where customers have many other options.


Building a global business is no mean task, and it requires prior planning to establish your market. This article has detailed the six key things you should factor in to become successful in building a global business. Only after implementing these measures will your dream of becoming a globally recognized brand become a reality.

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