6 Reasons A Bad Website Can Cause Irrevocable Damage To Your Business

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A website has always been an essential component of a successful business. This is even more true than ever in the time of COVID-19.

However, there may be design flaws in your website that could be sabotaging your business. The last thing you’d want is to lose new or loyal customers because of bad website design.

Are wondering what mistakes to look for to ensure your website is as good as can be? Keep reading to learn all about 6 reasons a bad website can cause irrevocable damage to your business.

1. Complicated Ordering

The value of a good website is that it can allow customers to order products or services with ease. The more complicated the ordering process is, the fewer customers you’ll retain.

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2. Lack of Security

You should always make sure that your website has top-notch security. If not, customers will be wary of risking their sensitive data and may decide not to order after all.

Security should be applied to all aspects, such as newsletter sign-ups. If a potential customer starts getting a lot more spam after using your site, you can expect them to stay clear from your business from then on.

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3. Lack of Mobile Optimization

When it comes to website design for small businesses, it’s important to know that most people access websites on their smartphones. This means that your website must be optimized for mobile access.

If not, the loading speed will be slowed or worse. It could even mean that the design of your site appears broken.

4. Slow Speeds

A lack of mobile optimization isn’t the only factor that can result in slow speeds. If your videos and images are not optimized, they can make your site very slow, even on a computer’s browser.

The advantage of a good website is that customers can discover your business without having to wait around for things to load.

5. Tiny Text

Reading on screens is enough to strains the eyes. This strain can be even worse if your website’s text is too small or uses an overly-fancy font.

Be sure to use the clearest font available.

6. No About Page

An ‘About’ page is where you can tell your story as a business staffed by real people. Without this page, customers will be missing that crucial personal connection.

When customers feel like they know you on some level, they’ll continue to do business with you. Professional relationships are the key to success.

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Ready to Fix Your Bad Website?

Now that you’ve learned all about 6 reasons a bad website can cause irrevocable damage to your business, you can make sure that you have a smooth and functional site that will attract customers. The best websites have customers coming back for more and more.

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