6 Workplace Perks Every Start-up Needs

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When you’re trying to begin a start-up business, there is no doubt that a large amount of enticement and seduction goes on, along with planning and development. While you may have the market plan laid out and have people interested in the business, what incentives do you use to keep the excitement alive?

I don’t want to sound like I’m spelling it out, but a start-up business is much like a new relationship: You start with the bare minimum and see where it grows.

Therefore, let’s take a dive into the workplace and see which perks speak best to certain people. 

Here are six incentives that can be helpful in building and in keeping the business relationship alive.

Coaxed by Caffeine:

Many find their workplace incentive in this form. If there is a love language that speaks well to someone, a workplace incentive that speaks well to many can often be that of caffeine. 

When it comes to productivity and morale within the office relationship, coffee machines for business can be a great perk.

The bonus of having fresh barista coffee in the office is that it can strengthen the connection with coworkers, and let’s admit it, how many of us have often used a cup of coffee as a way to get to know someone better?

For how intimate does it feel when someone knows your coffee order? 

Being Responsive To A Reward:

There is still no denying that the main motive that speaks to most, especially for a start-up business, is the money.  

However, when starting a start-up business, while we are more inclined to go with something we’re passionate about, there is still a certain amount of risk involved. 

That said, if one is willing to take a chance on that risk, one may be lucky enough to see a reward for what they put into it, especially if it’s in monetary means. Whether it is your investors seeing a little extra in their return later on for the shot they took on you or that of a bonus as a little motivation booster for your operations team when you’re fully operational.

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Flourishing through Flexibility:

It can be as true in business as it is in love. While you may have only a little to begin with, if you have someone who believes in your passion or a support team, you often have an urge and drive to keep going. 

When rigid schedules and ingrained teachings are often not a part of the make-up, you have the means to learn about how each other works through modern tools and techniques. 

You also get to understand how effectively your team works by observing what increases their efficiency. This can sometimes be through working remotely, with less time in the physical office. 

Encouraging their growth:

In many ways, any good relationship, whether personal or professional, is about getting the best out of each other and facilitating the other to better themselves.

Much like you are growing as a business, allow your employees and team to grow with you by giving promotion through responsibility or title when it is deserved, and value their initiative. 

Mental health and wellness support:

While the big companies have had a strong foothold here, there is no doubt that, like any organisation, you want your employees to feel supported and attracted to what you can offer. 

There is no denying that it has come to the forefront of many companies when hiring, as the focus becomes clear about how to maintain a healthy work/life balance. 

As I said earlier, keeping the heart of the business beating can often come down to having happy and upbeat staff. By giving workers access to mental health support and potentially other benefits, you build partners that are happy to work and an overall healthy environment.

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Home office support:

As I mentioned before, many start-ups have the potential to do work outside of the head office or main premises. With the effects of the pandemic, this is a working style that has been sped up to be mainstream much sooner than it otherwise may have.

With that in mind, a gift you could potentially offer your new employees is paying for home office expenses, such as a desk or laptop for their home office or any specific equipment required for their role. 

This way, you are meeting needs that will help increase their productivity and efficiency whilst showing them that they are valued. By collaborating with them as a partner within the newly formed business, you promote a healthy work environment.


Therefore, whether you have a business partner that is more willing to discuss work over a coffee or you’re trying to link up remotely with a team member, these are my incentives that will hopefully speak to any collaborator. 

Good luck!

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