AIDA Model: Definition, Types & Examples

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Has it ever happened that you came across a commercial so good on a television and you started to look for it on the internet?

This especially happens while comparing the, for what reason did you selected a Google Pixel 3XL over an iPhone X?

You are eager to enjoy the latest features of a brand new service introduced or application developed?

Yes we do realize it a little bit slower right from the instant you are getting familiar with a particular brand all the moment you actually end up buying it, organizations tactically study your buying pattern so to make an impact on each stage.

So you will be surprised by knowing that all of that is done with the help of the AIDA model. It helps in easing the long and tiring journey of customer behavior or journey into specific parts.

A brand then finally is able to strategize advertising tactics and Aida marketing techniques of effecting a customer on every stage so a customer is finally be getting to be interested in the brand more and eventually ends up buying the product.

What Do You Mean By AIDA?

AIDA model can be described as the method in which the sales, marketing, and advertising departments make use of so to concentrate more on all the exit points especially during a customer’s purchase voyage which is knowing more about the product and eventually the buying decision behind it.

The long and tiring way in which a customer buys a product is.

1. Awareness

2. Interest

3. Desire

4. Action

This can also be termed as the Purchase channel. the amount or the number of people who are segmented at the Awareness levels has an impact and eventually, very fewer people are left who are eventually the buyers of the product.

Also, the layoff step procedure is quite variable. For instance, people can jump into Action from Awareness to Action.

Let us all take a look at the various stages so as to know how a brand has benefitted from such details in their favor.

Stage 1. Awareness

As we all know that a first impression lasts forever. So in the very first stage, a customer comes to know about the brand.

This can only be possible with Aida advertising examples used whereupon the products are displayed on the website through the concept known as sponsored content.

Most of the times it so happens that a brand takes that the sole existence of a company will be something not required as the brand will be known to a customer on its own, which may not be applicable at all stages of promoting as it may not result into a segregating element for the product offering.

Hence eventually it results in only something that a creative intervention so to have the existence of the product be sensed.

Although, the feature, color, graphics, size are very important when dealing with a customer preference with the targeted audience perception.

Therefore a company or brand can bag the attention of the customers via.

1. Personalized messaging.

2. Catchy advertising.

3. Smart targeting.

The best aida model example An application of the food delivery targets the youth on the grounds of being highly active and present on online social media in comparison with print or media ads. The best example is Mini Cooper

Stage 2. Interest

No doubt this is the most delicate stage of all others. Just in case if the customer senses that a product has no value for him he may not find it interesting at all, he is probably not going to get through the final stage of the purchase.

Hence it is significant for a company to have the product message delivered and customized in a smarter way which is and will be a perfect fit to suit the needs of a target audience.

The feature of product communication should be focused more on their needs. Hence making the customer go the extra mile in hunting down the product to experience how it will benefit him.

Recognize the catchphrase “All team need the push”

The customer can be literally more interested in a footballer’s picture; the desired audience is being a sports fan.

The vivid colors of the shoes and ideal caption relay the message that it’s a shoe brand commercial.

Hence there is a greater chance that the customer might be interested and follows the ad campaign to get to know more about it in the first place.

So this is somewhere the customer will usually read up all the information related to the displayed shoe brand or a footwear product.

Stage 3. Desire

It is something very difficult to generate a niche or interest of a customer in buying a specific interest level as a customer is always moved by how brands represent itself is a great factor which has been appreciated by one and all, but not all clicks get through the stage of sales.

So coming down to the exact point desire and interest for a product is attainable, but only at the same time.

Hence it is something very important for the brand to understand that the customer might not be needing the product at the moment have a want for the product should be created.

Normally, the stage of desire is attainable at the moment the consumer started comparing the brand’s products with those of competitors’ products. In such scenarios, a customer is evidently highlighting it is out of the way characteristics that the customer is not going to avail in a competitor’s product.

For instance, Wendy’s commercial “Where’s the beef” advertisement campaign, which marks the information that their tasty hamburgers have higher beef content in comparison with their competitor’s products.

Stage 4. Action

And then comes the last stage where the customer may finally have a positive perception about the brand so there are chances where the customer can eventually land upon the decision of whether to buy it or not to buy it.

So this is the critical stage where the customer should get all the required discounts for the product such as one to offer, demo, discounts, and referrals, etc.

Which can have the final and the most required push a customer may be needing to make the purchase decision

For instance, Amazon motivates its customers to make the purchase as it offers the EMI and other credit functions. This allows the customers to go ahead for the consumer durable and electronics when they are running short on funding.

The Best Example of The AIDA Model.

This is how Netflix does it. These are some of the best aida model examples

Stage 1. Creating Awareness.

This can be done only through.

1. Collaborating with service providers like Airtel

2. Youtube Advertisements

3. Print advertisements

4. Display Advertisements (Adwords)

Stage 2. Creating the required level of  Interest

Stage 3. Securing the Desire of a customer

And is only possible by offering.

1. Netflix Exclusive shows, movies, and documentaries.

2. Rich -resolution videos

3. Great support for every device

4. Numerous TV series and movies from

5. Bollywood, Hollywood, and major regional industries.

6. More than one profiles for one account

7. Save and watch offline option

8. No ads while streaming videos

9. Customized suggestions of TV shows, movies, based on viewing behavior

10. Multi-screen viewership

11. Continue watching a file from where it was left.

12. Greater support for slow internet devices, etc.

Stage IV: Letting it roll

All in All

This was the complete article on aida model in which we explained aida marketing in detail with aida model examples and aida advertising examples.

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