27 Profit-Making Business Ideas in Kerala with Small Investment

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Kerala is popularly known as ‘God’s Own Land’ and the reasons for this claim are extremely strong. The alluring beauty of this place makes it the perfect replica of paradise. Tourists from all over the world visit Kerala, thus making it the perfect place to do business that gives nothing but profit.

Here are some of the best profit-making business ideas in Kerala for you to try your hands on.

27 Business ideas in Kerala

27 Business Ideas in Kerala

1. Sell Ice

Kerala is known to be a hot and humid state, thus procuring ice when you have to serve something cold to a number of guests can seem daunting. 

Business ideas in Kerala such as selling ice to hotels and other facilities that cater to tourists can be extremely profitable.

2. Sell Organic Manure

Since a major part of Kerala’s beauty comes from plants and trees, good quality manure is always required.

You can develop your own organic manure and sell it for a reasonable price to the government.

3. Exercise Classes for Pregnant Ladies

Pregnancy is a beautiful period but it can be challenging as well. Thus, taking proper guided care during this period is of utmost importance.

You can acquire proper training in exercises for pregnant ladies and open up your own classes.

4. Doula Service

The number of business ideas in Kerala is countless and this idea for doing business comes from the same field of pregnancy care.

A Doula is a woman who helps a pregnant lady during the pregnancy period, including providing information about taking care and delivery of the baby.

5. The Wig Business

Losing one’s hair can be extremely challengingl for that person’s self-esteem. You can lend a helping hand to them by using this creative option from the list of business ideas in Kerala.

Create your own wig from human, animal or synthetic hair to help thousands of people feeling the burn of not having enough hair.

6. Funeral Services 

Losing a loved in itself is a difficult process, let alone performing their last rights. Imagine if you have to look for a place to perform these rights during such a time?!

There are many business ideas in Kerala, but are they of any use if you can’t help someone in difficult times?

7. Gaming Zone

Teenagers in today’s times are mostly found playing video games. Unlike earlier times, children play more video games…actually we adults play them too.

So, why not use such business ideas in Kerala to gain profit? Build your own gaming Den and earn great profits!

8. Online Game Moderator

If business ideas in Kerala like opening up a gaming zone fall short of your funding, then you can become a game moderator.

You can register online to monitor chats and certain activities in games, such as those played by teenagers or children.

9. Collect Medical Sample 

With our stressful work lives and no time to spare for personal lives, maintaining our health can be difficult.

If you understand this, then you know how important collection of medical samples can be for the regular public. Is this your calling?

10. The Elephant Business

Kerala is famous for Thrissur Pooram (mother of all temples festivals) and the elephant festival. The most spectacular part of this festival is elephant pageantry and procession.

To make this opportunity more profitable you can rare elephants and provide their service during the festival in May.

 11. Sofa Cleaning Services

To make our sofas look clean and as good as new we need to get them professionally cleaned.

Since most of us own a sofa, this can be one of the great business ideas in Kerala.

12. Eco-tourism Maintenance

Kerala apart from its exhaustive cultural heritage is most famous for eco-tourism.

A business involving the maintenance of this eco-tourism can especially be profitable.

13. Reusing and Redesigning of old sarees and lehengas

We all have old sarees or lehengas at home that are occupying our space but we can’t throw them. This is because of the memories that they are attached to.

A beautiful business idea to solve this problem can be to take those sarees and lehengas and create new designer clothes.

14. Applique making

The fashion of putting applique on some or the other thing seems to never go.

You can make these appliques in different designs, sizes and from different materials to suit the needs of your client.

15. Ayurvedic Products

Herbal and ayurvedic products are a strong suit for our nation. But sometimes it is difficult to find certain products in some or the other part of the country.

You can utilize this need to make this idea one of the best business ideas in Kerala.

16. Own a Houseboat

When you hear the name Kerala what comes to your mind?

Backwaters? Correct?!

You can buy a few houseboats and give them on rent during the peak season to gain huge profits and ultimately become rich.

17. Tourism Photography

Where there is tourism, there are tourists. Where there are tourists, there are photos.

Make these fantastic business ideas in Kerala work wonders for you by using great cameras and sharing your portfolio online.

18. Homemade Diet Namkeen Shop

The world is becoming diet conscious but what can one do if they like eating namkeens?

Your business ideas in Kerala of opening a diet namkeen shop can help resolve this dieting issue for so many people looking for healthier eating options.

19. Art gallery/store

India is known for its traditional heritage and Kerala is not far behind. Kerala is rich in their own dance, martial arts, music and art forms.

You can open an art gallery to welcome budding artists to display their art at your facility for a nominal fee.

 20. Automobile modification

Who doesn’t like cars? What if you could deliver these people with a modified version of their personal possession.

If you have the necessary skills to modify automobiles, then business ideas in Kerala like these are the ideal way to get rich for you.

21. Sell Vegetables from your kitchen garden

The lustrous greens found in Kerala are no less a signal that the soil has a great ability to grow crops.

You can create your own kitchen garden and sell fresh and organic vegetables.

22. Sell Masalas or Spices

Products like the pickles and masalas are distinct to each part of the country.

You can sell these masalas and pickles to not only Keralites but also to other states.

23. Naturopathic healing

Herbs and natural remedies have been used in Kerala and various parts of India for years now. You can take adequate training in this field and provide naturopathic healing to the needy.

24. Alternative Therapies (Spa)

The above mentioned business ideas in Kerala we have talked about have a relatively new niche to them. But alternative therapies like Spas have been proven to be time tested business ideas.

25. Sell Customized Branded Shoes

Use your skills in art and imagination to provide your customers with a specialized feature of their branded shoes.

You can buy new ‘branded’ shoes or you can take the old shoes of your customers based on their need and design it like no other..

26. Fancy dressmaking

Most schools have something in common, something that we have all experienced-Fancy Dress.

Create unique and creative fancy dresses for this business idea to qualify into the list of exceptional business ideas in Kerala.

27. Facial/ Hair Mask Making

Business ideas in Kerala are in abundance, like the concept of making facial and hair masks.

Using natural products to make effective masks can be an amazing business strategy for boosting your financial status.

All in All

This was the complete article on business ideas in Kerala. I hope this article was helpful to you.