27 Different Business Ideas In Delhi

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Delhi is the capital of India and people come to Delhi with big dreams and widened thoughts.

Most of the people come to Delhi for jobs but sooner or later everyone thinks about starting their own business.

In this position, most of the people look for some good business ideas in Delhi. There are a lot of options to look for when it comes to starting a business in Delhi.

You can look for possible works nearby and look for a business to start which is related to your interest as well.

There are a lot of good business ideas in Delhi out of which we have summarized some of them here. 

Most of the ideas which we have mentioned here are very different and unique. You can look at those ideas and if one of them catches your interest then you can further expand your research.

Let’s now look at some different business ideas in Delhi. 

List of 27 Different Business Ideas in Delhi

1. Chinese Van

We all have been to a Chinese van and eaten our favorite snacks there. It is one of the favorite places of delities as a person can get momos, chili potato and many more Chinese items. 

Rent of that place is very less as you has just had to get permission from mcd and you don’t have to rent a complete shop. 

Delhi people look Chinese vans and it is a very profitable business as well. Once you get into it, you can put more vans in different locations as well. 

2. Organic Gardening Classes

It’s very easy to learn how to grow organic vegetables and you can teach people how to grow organic vegetables at home. 

People nowadays really love looking over their health and this is a great as well as easy option if you are looking for easy business ideas in Delhi. 

Once your business becomes popular, you can start group classes as well as online classes as well. 

3. CCTV Camera Installation

Trust me on this! This one is the easiest idea in this list of business ideas in Delhi.

CCTV is a must-have nowadays in a metropolitan city like Delhi and it is also very easy to learn how to install CCTV cameras. Once you are done learning, you can start your business.

Further, you can also start a business in other equipment like car GPS, door locks, and many more items. 

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4. Buy an E- Rickshaw

You can buy an E- Rickshaw and further give it on rent to a person.

Demand for E-rickshaw is increasing and everyone cannot afford to buy one and that’s where you come in. 

You can make a deal on a margin basis or even a salary basis. It is a good and profitable business on which you can work on.

Once you gain profit from it, you can buy more of them as well. 

5. Private Electric Meter Business

This is a kind of business about which most people don’t know.

I was very surprised to know how profitable this business and the competition is also very less in this business.

Many people who want to rent out their property to offices on different floors, hotels as well as hostels are interested in this service. You have to provide special meters to your clients.

These meters have a feature with the help of which electricity would be provided on rechargeable bases like the prepaid mobile phones. 

You can put a margin in between to provide this service on a percentage basis on the total electricity bill.

6. Pet Grooming Business.

This is a business that might not be a success in all parts of Delhi but in the Porsche areas, it is very profitable.

People love to spend money on their pets and you don’t even have to invest a lot in the starting. 

To begin with, you can start this business by visiting homes and providing your services and once you are confident enough and have enough money to rent a shop, you can open a proper store.

7. Mushroom Farming Business

Before you skip this one let me tell you it is one of the best, easiest and most profitable businesses in this list of business ideas in Delhi.

This is a business that is growing rapidly and the popularity of the business is also growing. 

You don’t need a large farm to do this business as you can easily do this in a room as well.

There is need to find the dealers who can take your order in bulk. 

You can learn more about mushroom farming and once you get to know this business then I am sure you will be very surprised to know how easy and profitable this business is. 

8. Liquor Home Delivery


I know you have not thought of this business idea even once in your life. This is a really intelligent business idea and I know this one personally as one of my friends is doing this business. 

There are a lot of people who don’t want to go to a theka to buy liquor and I don’t have to explain the reason to you as I presume you already know.

You can provide a special service to your clients in which you provide liquor to them whenever they want without any hustle. And you can keep your margin in between and this business.

This is a great business idea in this list of business ideas in Delhi. 

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9. Air Purifier Business

This is a business which is soon going to be in trend.

We all know how bad the air quality of Delhi is and it is getting difficult to breathe in this air.

Air purifiers are getting more and more popular you can start a business selling air purifiers and you can provide service for the same as well as the air purifier requires service from time to time.

This is also a great business idea in Delhi to apply. 

10. Filtered Water Cans Business

This is also a great business to go for as most of the people don’t know about this business.

You can provide filtered water cans to offices, gyms and pg’s like the requirement of these cans is very high in these areas. 

The margin in the business is also good and the clients you get also stick around the same supplier in most cases.

Overall it is a great business idea in Delhi to go for. 

11. Pest Control Business

In this business you don’t need a large capital to start with. You just need a few equipment and chemicals to go for it.

This business is really very profitable and investment is also low. 

You need to make clients in this business so I would recommend you to do a job in this field for 4 to 5 months and once you are confident with your work and have enough clients, you can start working on your own. 

This is a good business idea in Delhi to to start and chances of making this business profitable are also high. 

12. Egg Tray Wholesale Business.

Most people nowadays eat eggs and the demand for eggs is also very high.

You can supply eggs to retailers wholesale and keep a good margin in between. 

This is a great business option and you just have to rent a space and make clients.= by surveying the market. 

13. Solar Panel Business.

I don’t need to explain the future of this business as we all know the future is going to be a renewable source of energy. 

Solar panels are getting popular and solar panels are also getting popular among villages.

The best part here is you can take government projects and offer them solar panels in bulk and provide after-sales service as well. 

14. Battery Business

This is a great business because the demand for batteries is high in the market and the best part here is that batteries need to be replaced every 3 years.

The demand for batteries is not going to end and you can take advantage of it for sure. Overall this makes it a great business idea in Delhi.

15. Pet Supplies Business

You can run your own shop of pet supplies near any pet clinic. People love their pets and usually buy stuff for them. 

A great business idea is Delhi to go for and you can also start this business online as well as the demand for pet products is really good. 

16. Freelance Makeup Artist

You don’t need high capital to invest in this business.

You just need to buy the essential makeup products and the rest is up to your knowledge and work of makeup.

There are some courses that can be done before going into this business and when you are done with the course, you can start looking for clients. 

You can start your own instagram page and share your work there to get more clients. This one is a great business idea to go for in Delhi. 

17. Deep Cleaning Services

You can provide services in which a team deep cleans a place without leaving a single stain anywhere.

You can clean everything that is available in the house for a specific amount. 

This is a business idea which is not yet very popular but if you provide this service with normal cleaning then it will surely work for you. 

2-3 clients in a month will help you to get your business going into profit. Especially it is an amazing business idea in Delhi. 

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18. Wedding Packing Business

This is one of the best business ideas in Delhi. You can provide packing service of various products such as saree, fruits, makeup equipment in trays and everything available in a wedding. 

If there had been a wedding in your house then you must have known how important good packaging is. You can charge per product basis for packaging.

19. Wedding Event Business

You can get in contact with various agencies that provide event-based services and be a broker.

In between, if you don’t want to invest a lot in this business and if you have a good amount of money to invest in this business then you can start your own agency.

I don’t have to tell you how much we spend on marriages in India, especially in Delhi. 

20. Hostel Business

For this business you first have to look for a location where there is a college nearby or there are coaching centers nearby.

Once you are done with this process you have to look for a place for rent in which there are a lot of rooms, you can further do some changes and make more rooms as well.

Further, you will have to invest in some singles beds, tables, chairs, and almirahs.

This is a business which needs some good investment but the return here is also very high and you don’t have to spend a lot of time in this business as well.

You can put a manager and put up 2 rounds daily. Overall a great business idea to go for in Delhi.

21. Canteen Business in Hostels.

This is a much better business than a restaurant. You can contact hostels and ask them if you can provide canteen service there.

Your clients will be fixed and you will get a nearly fixed amount of money every month as in most of the hostels the food is provided prepaid for a month.

You can further provide this service in multiple hostels as well in future. 

22. Two Wheeler Rental Business.

There are times when people wish they had a two wheeler as they have to go to multiple places in a single day and government vehicles will be very expensive, time consuming and really tiring for them. 

This is a situation of which you can take advantage of you can provide two-wheelers on rent on a per-hour basis or even per day basis.

This is one of the best business ideas in Delhi. 

23. Supplement Shops.

There are a lot of people who are interested in buying supplements and you can open your own supplement shop.

If you don’t have enough money to invest in a shop then you can also contact gyms to put your supplements in their gyms in exchange for some margin.

This is a great business option and this would really work great in Delhi.

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24. Online Trainer Business

This is the best business idea in Delhi as in this business you have to invest in yourself.

You have to be as fit as possible and make a good online profile of yours as well.

Once you gain enough followers, you can provide online coaching related to diet and exercises to your clients. 

25. Stabilizer Business.

Most of the electronic items need stabilizers and normally showrooms and shops don’t keep stabilizers.

You can take advantage of it and provide stabilizers at good prices and also after-sales services of electronic products as well.

Overall it is a great business idea in Delhi. 

26. Food Stalls Business.

You can provide good quality food at cheap rates near prime locations such as metro stations. You can put multiple stalls at different locations Delhi.

This is a great business idea and also considered as one of the best business ideas in Delhi. 

The food you provide must be hygienic to grab public attention and thus making your business different. 

27. Chai Business.

I don’t need to tell you how popular the chai is.

The popularity of chai in India, especially Delhi has caused such a craze that multiple joints such as chai point and chaayos have opened in the market. 

You can take advantage of small markets and open hygienic chai joints which are really small and provide good quality chai at very cheap rates. 

All in All

This was the complete article on business ideas in Delhi. I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any other good business idea is Delhi to start then you can mention it in the comments down below. 

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