Four Ways to Fund Your New Startup

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Beginning a startup is a great project to make your dreams come true. However, before you can start earning a profit, you need to invest some of your own money first. Startups are not something you can just open and expect to make millions overnight.

Not that it doesn’t happen, but usually most new businesses need time to gain momentum. If you’re looking to start your own venture but are unsure how to fund it, you’ve come to the right place, from crowdfunding to taking out loans from online lenders or banks, this post will help you understand it all better.

Angel Investors

The first type of funding includes finding an angel investor. Angel investors are individuals who generously donate large sums of money to a project. The donation these people give depends on the terms of the agreement.

Thanks to angel investors, many startups have seen a lot of success because they were able to get their feet off the ground early. However, one thing to note is that angel investors aren’t always easy to acquire. The best way to increase this chance by presenting the idea and goal of your startup in the most intriguing way possible.

If you’re able to appeal to the masses, you may find yourself with more funding than you anticipated.

Cash Out Your Life Insurance Policy

A common method of funding startups involves cashing out your life insurance policy. A life insurance policy is an insurance that covers the listed beneficiaries in the event of the holder’s demise. However, death is not the only way to reap the rewards of life insurance.

You can also sell the policy for a percentage of its overall value. To give you an example, if you have an active policy that’s worth $250,000 and your insurance company is offering you 30 percent of it, you would make a withdrawal of $75,000.

Everyone’s insurance is different and will receive differing payouts, but you can use it to fund your startup yourself. If you’re not sure how to go about things, you can always review guides on how to sell your life insurance policy.


Crowdfunding can be compared to angel investors. However, instead of one person making a large donation, it’s a whole group of people making smaller donations.

This method of funding is also a lot easier to procure thanks to third-party programs such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, SeedInvest and Fundly. All you have to do is post the goal you have in mind and do your best to cater to your target audience.

Take Out a Loan

Another way to fund your startup yourself is to take out a personal loan. A loan is when you go to a lender, like a bank or a private lender, and borrow a set amount of money. You’ll need to be approved before you can acquire one though.

You’ll also need to have a decent credit score to minimize the interest rates and increase the amount of money you can obtain. It is possible to get a loan with a below-average credit score, but the chances of being approved are decreased and the interest rates can surpass the value of the loan.

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