Get To Know The Most Sought After Programs Of Business Schools

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Business degrees are one of the most in-demand and flexible educational programs out there. Whether you decide to pursue an online business degree or a campus-based, earning one will boost your chances of success in the industry. Organizations everywhere are now on the hunt for business professionals who can help them grow their name and increase their profits.

Business schools offer degrees that range from doctoral to certification level. Typically, a certificate program only takes around two years to complete, and anyone can enroll. On the other hand, to earn a doctoral degree, you first have to acquire a bachelor’s and then a master’s in business. The whole academic duration may reach up to eight years or more.

Besides the availability of various degree levels, there are numerous majors and concentrations available for you. But did you know that you can earn any specialization and get employment as soon as possible? Today, we will share a few sought after degree programs that will allow you to dive headfirst into the business world. Some of them are listed as follows:


You might say, what is public health doing in an article that talks about business degree programs. But, don’t worry, the reason is not as shocking as you might think it will be. A master’s in public health (MPH) is a graduate-level degree that focuses on the core aspect of public health. It is suitable for individuals who want to promote awareness in the community about injuries, viruses, and infectious diseases. But, the roles do not stop there. When talking about an mph vs mba degree, candidates can also work as administrators in healthcare settings. While working there, the individuals manage the entire operations of the facility. They organize staff, ensure that the facility has all necessary resources, and delegate tasks to the departments. They also keep in touch with equipment providers and create policies that ensure that the facility runs as efficiently as possible.

An mph is a versatile program because you can apply your healthcare knowledge in an organizational setting. Couple that with an MBA degree in your chosen specialization, you will reap the benefits of both the healthcare and business worlds.

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People always assume that becoming an entrepreneur means that you plan to open up your own business. Most of them also questioned whether a business school could even teach entrepreneurial studies. However, today, many organizations have a keen interest in candidates who studied entrepreneurship in business school. After all, they require individuals who will help them grow their business.

These days, there are hundreds of business schools that offer entrepreneurial studies. Candidates will typically study business plans, marketing ideas, elevator pitches, and expansion techniques. In recent years, many schools have also ditched creating business plans on paper and adopted a more hands-on approach asking students to start a real small business instead of doing it on paper. Graduates continue to take up jobs in high-profile organizations where they have different tiles and varying responsibilities.


Individuals who take up a marketing major learn product pricing, product promotion, consumer research, brand awareness. They help a company increase its revenue and promote growth through effective marketing strategies. Coursework typically includes promotion, advertising, marketing communications, marketing management, international marketing, sales, and much more.

Qualified individuals then work in positions such as a marketing specialist, marketing manager, media director, social media specialist, and marketing communications manager, to name a few. According to the BLS, the average salary can range from 42,000 dollars to 93,000 dollars, depending on the job title you choose.

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Candidates who enroll in business school to major in finance will learn economics basics, accounting, finance, business basics, and project management. And then, how to utilize such information to help a company improve its financial situation, allowing it to grow like never before. They also learn about long-term business plans and how to provide useful investment suggestions to an organization. The coursework of a fiancé based degree includes financial analysis, statistics, accounting, analysis of financial statements, international management, and international finance. Positions individuals can apply for with a finance major include financial analyst, managerial analyst, chief financial officer, investment analyst, and much more. According to the BLS, the average salary a finance degree holder can expect from different finance-based career opportunities ranges from 68,000 dollars to 105,000 dollars per year.


Candidates who go for such a business degree major learn about new business technologies and learn how to incorporate information management systems. Coursework includes e-commerce practices, database design, financial management, financial information systems, telecommunication, networking techniques, systems analysis, and project management.

People who earn an MIS major can apply for positions such as data analyst, risk manager, internal auditor, database administrator, and much more. According to the BLS, the average salary graduates can expect can range from 38,000 dollars to 121,000 dollars per year.


The business degree majors mentioned in this article demonstrate how vast the business field is. It continues to grow even more as time goes on. Each option is different from the other, but the core principles revolve around business values. In the end, it is all about what major you are ready to explore and align with your career goals.

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