Greenwashing: Definition, Types & Examples

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The big trend these days is going green which also is a high profit-making tactic observing the environmental conditions as of now.

The green corporate practices not just give birth to a brand new market of environment enthusiasts, but do offer a favorable crowd sentiment amid the present customers and promote policies to support the Government for the welfare of society and the existence of the company.

So, it is equally important to see what’s the best greenwashing example present for a better understanding of the concept.

As per a report, 60% of international customers claim that they have no issue paying more for supportable brands. That is even better news, which resulted in creating an ambiance as it was seen that +95% of green branded products are in reality greenwashed.

With the precise number of accurate stats, you may be eager to know what greenwashing is and what is the reason for the hype around it?

Understanding The Concept of Greenwashing

Green sheen is another name for greenwashing which means the action which involves company products and services as environmentally compatible for marketing.

In reality, goods and services do not have or even possess any environmental advantages. Although, the company may be administering in causing damage to the environment while claiming they are not.

A perfect example of greenwashing is US MNC ONGC ExxonMobil showing that they are decreasing the emissions from the greenhouse as they are causing a rise in it.

There is a Total of 2 Types of Greenwashing

1. Any organization which asserts credit for present production approach as if they are moved by eco-friendly driven objective. For instance, an organization may remove the shrink wrap used for packing to reduce costs but show it as a green initiative.

2. An organization can fake about being eco-friendly concerning their product by making use of strong phrases such as “Superb class ecology” packing indicates green lowers and fields, accrediting from ecology experts. This is rather a more aggressive type of greenwashing.

Categories of Greenwashing

Greenwashing can be divided into several categories as the leading ones may include

1. Environmental Imageries

This kind of greenwashing usually involves making use of pictures of animals, green packaging, & leaves, which are the methods of old-school greenwashing.

In reality, originally eco-friendly goods usually make use of sophisticated images and simple packaging.

2. Dishonest labels

A few products are termed as one hundred percent organic (natural) with no proof of the kit being organic. There are good enough chances that these labels are self-declared or self-created.

3. Confidential trade-offs (dealings)

Organizations can also start to pretend to be an entity that is friendly with environment supportable however in a very opposing dealing method.

A perfect example can be based on the clothing giants which claim to use “recycled” or “organic” substances as the clothes are usually manufactured through extraction practices.

The authentic organizations would no doubt without fail offer more details on water conditions, energy consumed and the greenhouse gas emissions information, etc.

4. Not at all related asserts

Many times, you may recognize that some labels claim they are a toxic chemical-free product. The elements may be prohibited by the governing bodies and are related to promoted as go green initiative.

Additionally, one may also have been familiar with the labels that say “not tried on animals”.

This is completely inappropriate in countries such as China wherein examination and tests on animals is asked by governing authorities.

5. Fear of two evils

This usually means that the company’s assertion of claim is very much authentic and falls within the product type, however, a much-magnified risk or environmental effect may come into the picture next.

The best example can be an organization that deals in offering the customers green/organic/natural cigarettes.

One just needs to be ensured that your organization or any newly launched organization is scheduling theirs levées on jumping on the green initiatives, which need to be accredited or certified and backed up with all the needed information.

You no doubt would wish to push the company’s reputation at stake.

Greenwashing Instance

Sticking to the promises made is hardly seen in the world of corporates especially green products.

Let’s take a close look at a handful of greenwashing examples where organizations followed the green marketing tactic just to boost sales but were not at all friendly to the environment, to be honest.

These are for those who are looking for an example of greenwashing.

1. Volkswagen’s ‘Clean Diesel

Volkswagen began a promotional campaign to trash the fact of diesel which was harmful and that they are making use of a tech that releases far lesser pollutants.

However, the truth came out that Volkswagen bagged about eleven million diesel automobiles with the devices known as defeat appliance or the tech developed to fake the emission examinations and all the vehicles emit harmful pollutants of nearly more than forty times more as compared in the United States.

The governing bodies then fined the organization of fourteen billion USD to compromise with the clams of faking emission examinations and deceitful promotions, hence acclaimed as a good example of greenwashing.

2. EasyJet Less CO2

In a global press conference promotion in the year, EasyJet asserted that their airplanes let out 20 percent lesser co2 in comparison with all other airplanes on a similar route.

The claim, however, turned out to be a complete fake by an ad agency as the organization did not clarify that the actual figure was relevant to emissions per individual, and the airline company was also minimizing the emission due to the fact that the company could take more passengers in comparison with the other airlines. This one is one of the best greenwashing examples.

These are the 2 best examples of greenwashing

Significance of Addressing Greenwashing

Even though greenwashing has been in existence for decades now, the procedure has moved up like anything in the last few years.

That is due to the ever-increasing number of customers ask for sustainable brands and products.

Being a customer who seeks great quality products and services, one should be very much careful about the Green fake lies which are sold by the name of “Green products’.

The price for organic or natural acclaimed food and items is far greater than those with no labels in the hope for organizations being faithful to their claims

Final words

The critics give their acceptance that greenwashing is in reality more hazardous to the health of the environment and public.

In the year 2008, a Palm oil company based in Malaysia had run a commercial which showed them as much eco-friendly entity.

Also, the concept of greenwashing takes charge of everyone who is involved in faking green initiatives.

Consumers are cheated and forced to indirectly buy products that they suspect as friendly for the environment but in reality, are not. Once if found faking such claims, the company’s business and sales may suffer a heavy fine.

I hope this article on greenwashing with examples of greenwashing was helpful to you.

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