Grimacing Face Emoji 😬

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Have you ever felt embarrassed or discomforted by something in the virtual world, but you cannot gather the correct set of words to express your feeling?

If so, then this grimacing face smiley is sure to help you out. The small yellow face with the two dotted open eyes and the clenched teeth; grimacing face emoji is perfect for such instances.

The Grimacing Emoji was added in the year 2012 to the Unicode 6.0. Just after three years, the Emoji was added to Emoji 1.0. With various variants of the Emoji for different OS, the Emoji has been used quite a lot.

When to Use?

😬 Grimacing Face
😬 Awkward
😬 Eek
😬 Foot In Mouth
😬 Nervous
😬 Snapchat Mutual #1 Best Friend

Emoji’s Grimacing face is commonly used to reflect disagreement or disapproval like it is too hard to acknowledge the truth. The messaging is also used to express the emotions of nervousness, embarrassment, or awkwardness, which are all negative or tense emotions.

Occasionally, this Emoji is also used to express excitement or happiness as well. Again, this Emoji hints at the situation wherein the sender thinks of laughing or not laughing at the problem.

In Snapchat, the Emoji is used against the friend’s name with whom you share the common number one best friend. It means you and your contact both share the maximum Snap to the same person.

Grinning Face Unicode Emoji

😬 U+1F62C

To Wrap Up

Surprise, we have a common best friend. This is what the grimacing face emoji is all about. With small dotted eyes and the clenched teeth, this Emoji is used to express feelings hard to write in words.

The grimacing face smiley is the perfect addition to the list of emojis, which help you solve the issue of expressing hard emotions.

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