How Do You Set Up A Room For Movie?

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What can be more exciting than a movie night with your loved ones? 

Another movie night!

Those holiday seasons or long weekends can solely be dedicated to some quality time spent with your family, friends, or relatives watching your favorite movie. 

It is indeed a fun way to enjoy some time with your family. Especially during this critical pandemic situation, when the only way to stay negative is to sit in the house and maintain social distance. 

You might have selected some movies for the movie night, but now the question is, where will you get those movies? 

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Set Up A Room For Movie

So, you have already selected the movie, and also might arrange the guest list whom you are going to invite from your relatives and friends for the movie night. Now, it is time to set up a room for movies. 

Here are some simple steps you need to follow to prepare a room for the movie night. 

Get Your Attic, Basement Or The Spare Bedroom

The first thing you need to do is select a room for the movie. 

Dedicate it to your attic, basement, or spare bedroom for the movie plan. Your basement is going to have a space with minimal outdoor lighting, so you do not need to think of adding additional curtains for that. 

On the other hand, your attic will be free from any time of external sounds and disturbance. Needless to say, bedrooms are the comfiest ones. 

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Install Blinds Or Curtains To Reduce Outside Light

Now come to set up the ambiance. 

You simply can not let the outside light ruin your whole movie viewing experience. That is why you need to add some addiction curtains or blinds to prevent the outside light from coming inside. After all, you want the theater-like feeling. 

Incorporate Soft Lighting

When you are preventing outside light from coming into the room, you need to think of ways to add some indoor lighting. It does not mean you will add a 1000 watt bulb to brighten up the entire space. 

Instead, go with some soft lights. You can add a panel of dim lights across the ceiling or floor of the movie room. Just the way movie theaters have incorporated. 

Create A Fiber Optic Star Ceiling

When you are including soft indoor light, you also can think of creating a fiber optic star ceiling as well. It will just add some extra comfort and a cool ambiance as well. 

With a fiber optic star ceiling, you will be able to bring the open movie night theme to your space. Lying beneath the dazzling stars with your loved one and watching your favorite movie. There is nothing more relaxing and satisfying than this. 

Install Surround Sound Speakers


You can not afford to ignore the sound system when you are doing so much for the movie night. Getting a surround sound system is the best you can do. It will offer you an amazing experience, just what you get when you are visiting the theater. 

Go For Floor Seating And Pillows

It is best to make the seating arrangement row-wise. 

Taking some recliner sofa or chairs is actually a great way to make yourself feel comfortable. Do not forget to take all the cushions you have at your home. 

After all, you need to feel cozy and comfortable. The best way is to stash blankets, throws, and pillows in a large basket. This way, you will have access to all of them without making the space look clumsy. 

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Set Up The Big Screen

Last but not least, set up the big screen. If you are opting for a projector, ensure you are placing it in the proper place. Also, the screen has to be clean and should be placed on the proper side so that everyone seated in the room gets a direct view. 

You also can think of linking several screens with the latest technology. Here, at the same time, all the screens will play the same channel and same content. 

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