How Does WhatsApp Make Money? Whatsapp Business Model

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A little about the title, creator, and big plans

The world’s most popular messaging app which is none other than WhatsApp was created by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009 as a tool for update applications, therefore, the name WhatsApp.

Further, it was changed to WhatsApp version II into an IM app and began the legend of the world’s biggest and most popular IM ever.

As of now, it’s owned by Facebook which offers its fantastic services to over a billion active users worldwide.

Many people don’t know who owns WhatsApp and let us tell you Mark Zuckerberg is the one who owns WhatsApp.

Although the question prevails of how it does generate its revenue, that’s the most common question for the most commonly used app for messaging by most individuals.

It isn’t what it looks like.

As we all know that this great IM platform offered great support to the ones who were already making use of this application for promotional activities for free of cost ever since.

No doubt there is something big going down in the creator’s mind concerning the revenue structure.

How Does Whatsapp Make Money Without Ads?

Let us know how does WhatsApp makes money. In no event, WhatsApp is generating money from promotions.

The creators just avoided promotions and developed this promotion-free program concentrating on the sole motive of offering a remarkable user interface and experience.

The developers were looking more forward to develop an IM program for individual users and not MNCs to plant promotion.

In the meantime, they needed to take care of their utility bills also.

Hence, they came up with the brilliant decision of charging the users for the year for a meager amount of a dollar.

This was something very practical to be asked for such a great product they were offering which was extremely useful and on the other hand, users accepted it readily.

Original Earning Generation Approach

The prominent IM application made its first attempt in fund accumulation (fundraising) of $250,0000 USD by five friends who used to work for Yahoo who were offered a designation of being the co-founders.

The following round accompanied by the third fundraising round was conducted through Sequoia Capital who invested a grand amount of sixty million USD for WhatsApp INC.

The only source of income for the only 50 employees of WhatsApp. Being so compact in numbers there were no expenses in keeping the show running for the app.

The only expense they need to take care of was the one-time verification code to its users.

That was the sole reason why the company decided to take off the subscription amount of a dollar.

This smart tactic adopted by the creators was to allow the company as the alternative for IM application.

Also, this led the creators to make money on the network impact. Also, this strategy of generating an initial network and funds later was found to be advantageous to its creators.

And after being such a huge success as the application after 2 long years by the CEO of Facebook was acquired for nineteen billion USD in 2014.

WhatsApp Revenue Model (Approach Used by Facebook)

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for nineteen billion USD which created a ton of opportunities for the app.

Also is a great revert for the question ‘how does WhatsApp make money?’ which witnessed a change after it is acquired.

As we all know that Facebook makes use of the critical and highly classified information from WhatsApp users as data which later came up with some swanky strategic schemes for the revenue model of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp was awaiting some brand-new strategies all designed smartly by Facebook.


As the organization-initiated WhatsApp Business app version allowed the users to create their business outline and turn it into a trusted and verified entity on WhatsApp.

The confirmed companies could generate more business along with a few crucial links to their sites or Facebook website, or configure automatic responders, may even connect their official calling numbers on WhatsApp for business application interface (API) alongside the product offering.

At present, the WhatsApp business version is freely available at the Google Play store to be used by all companies.

WhatsApp, although creates a handsome amount via business API WhatsApp for its business class users while a brilliant way of how WhatsApp makes money.

WhatsApp- Business API

The organization spread is winged by expanding the business class offerings and by introducing its primary money-generating product known as Business API from WhatsApp.


This certainly allowed the companies to combine WhatsApp for business with their network dependant smart structure with their strategy based to access to their buyers (customers) with the help of efficient notifications and trying to get around with the questions mechanically while sticking to the WhatsApp business model.

To avert and avoid spam, the organization capped the ability to relay messages.

Companies are allowed to communicate or send messages to those who contacted the business primarily, although API will offer great support with the help of smart programs.

Which would help circulate shipping information after being confirmed the confirmation tickets, or reminders for appointments to the customers.

Already the com [am is making efforts with known clientele such as Wish,, etc.

So Now By What Means is WhatsApp Generates its Income Across API?

1. WhatsApp has designed and come up with a smart tactic income generation scheme for the WhatsApp Business API.

It brings about a massive change in delayed responses.

3. This altogether means that the companies may be able to reply to all messages coming from users at no cost for a twenty-four-hour time frame, but the company will charge for every message sent once the time window exceeds. The fee may be varying from one country to another.

The WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp launched a new payment option that is based on the P2P structure. All of it inside the application itself for the users based in India.

It may result in a massive boost in its market position and can turn it into the first preference app for sending all kinds of payments.

This later possibly can be advantageous for WhatsApp business in the organization’s splendid marketspace.

Foreseeable Future Revenue Income Strategies

It seems like imitating the feature of Snapchat which was intended to steal consumer information in the first place.

WhatsApp now is planning to imitate the revenue-income generation tactics side by side as it shows how WhatsApp makes money.

Final Words

A whole lot more to come to WhatsApp and how does WhatsApp make money, for the company a massive revenue while for the users a win, win situation which is getting additional features as and when time passes by.

This was the complete WhatsApp business model in which we focussed on telling you how does WhatsApp makes money? for the people who want to know how WhatsApp makes money.

If you have any question related to how WhatsApp make money then you can mention it in the comments.

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