How To Make 10k Per Month: 7+ Legit Ways To Make Money

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Unemployment and poverty go side by side. The pandemic has hit hard and has been creating a troublesome situation. Young people, after a long time of unemployment, end up in bad ways of making money.

To get rid of the unemployment stress, they start chasing comfort in alcohol or drugs. But, life doesn’t need to be so tough when reliable sites assist a lot in making money.

Everyone wishes to look for the best ways to earn money with some common and realistic ways of money making. Making 10k a month is something people wish for.

The Digital era offers many ways to make this money every month. Legitimate ways to make 10k a month are as follows:

The List of Top 7+ Ways To Make 10k Month

1. Start dropshipping

Dropshipping has been changing the lives of thousands of people across the globe. In addition to that, some entrepreneurs have been making more than $100,000 in profit each month.

Dropshipping has been serving as the business model where you’re buying cheap stuff from Aliexpress, Alibaba, or eBay. Then you can go ahead with selling it on either Amazon or your own Shopify eCommerce store at a higher price.

The best part of this business model is that you don’t have to buy stuff and ship it yourself. The automated process will be guiding you. Create an online store on Shopify, drag, and drop.

You will have to go to Aliexpress or any other site to buy stuff. Import the products to your online store through an app that automates the process. Then price them at higher rates with good profit margins.

Promote your store through Facebook or Google Ads. Once a customer places an order on your store, the app automatically gathers the shipping address; the supplier will ship the product to the customer’s address.

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2. Freelance writing services

Freelance writing is one of the most profitable businesses today. You can earn a massive figure by writing blog posts, emails, social media posts, articles, and press releases, etc., for companies and individuals running websites.

One of the most demanded online skills, freelance content writing serves as a great way to make 10k a month.

This is the entity that has been increasing the shift of businesses towards online marketing. Online marketing is based on content, and companies hire freelance writers to write articles.

The best sites to target include Contena, Upwork, FlexJobs, Freelance Writing Jobs, and Textbroker. Write well with an engaging writing style, and try making enough money through freelance writing.

To start your freelance writing career, choose your niche, research your niche thoroughly and start to offer your services on social media, and try to write 10 to 15 articles to build up your portfolio.

Join freelance websites to kickstart your writing career. Make 10000 a month from home by freelancing. Copywriters make more money than content writers as they provide the best services to drive sales for a company. Also, the different brands are offering a big amount for an engaging sales copy.

3. Sell t-shirts

How to make 10000 in 3 months? Design a t-shirt and sell it worldwide. This is the work-from-home business that is going to earn you easily 10K a month.

Design a t-shirt and upload the design on the portal suitable for you, set the price, get the buying link. Promote the t-shirt on Social media with a link.

As soon as someone clicks the link and buys it, that t-shirt is shipped to him/her. With that, you will get a minimum of $10 as their commission. Best sites to sell include Printful, Redbubble, and Spreadshirt.

4. Web development business

Web developers can earn a decent hourly rate, and the demand for web developers has been increasing. Start taking tutorials. Today, it has proved to be a highly paid online job. Get a strong grip on your skills.

For taking your business to the next level, join the following freelance websites and start working for jobs and freelance projects.

Some of the best sites to join include Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour.

5. Social media management services

Social media management, one of those online jobs, is profitable and scalable. What you’ll have to do is just go with managing the social media pages for clients.

Your job will involve running paid ads. Also, you will get the scope for managing the campaigns, posting photos, calculating the ROI, and videos to increase engagement.

Learn the art of running Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat ads. International and companies involve social media pages. Mail businesses with professional proposals and offer them social media management services.

Research their industry thoroughly, also explain to them the power of utilizing the power of social media, give examples of their competitors. Involve in social media management services to make 10k a month.

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6. Investment to Make 10k a Month

Investing turns out to be a unique yet excellent method to make $10k a month. For that, there is a need for just some capital to deploy upfront.

Also, ensure you have good knowledge regarding the methods of investing to take advantage of investing in stocks, cryptocurrency, real estate, small businesses, and more.

Some of the sites for stock trading include TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Robinhood, E*TRADE, and Merrill Edge. Consistent contributions into investment accounts will be helping you a lot.

Real estate provides a smart investment opportunity to earn $10,000 per month. Using crowdfunded real estate lets you earn money with real estate.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Have you been looking for jobs that pay 10k a month? Affiliate marketing serves as an easy way to earn passive income. Affiliate marketing refers to the process in which an individual gets compensated for facilitating a transaction.

For example, you can take advantage of YouTube. Suppose you’ve created the video recommending a specific piece; you could partner with the company involved in producing the item and get a portion of profits linked with every sale.

Affiliate marketing channels, including social media, YouTube, or a website, lets you explore some of the best ways to make money.

The best platforms include Amazon Affiliates, eBay Partners, Shopify Affiliate Program, Clickbank, and Rakuten Marketing Affiliates. 

8. Rent Out Things

Many items are there that you can rent out to make extra cash every month. Just start with extra room in your home. Also, you can just go with just renting out a lawnmower. Also, the pro idea here is to gather items that regularly go unused and start with renting them online.

9. Publishing a Book

Publishing a book doesn’t need to be a problematic task anymore. You will find great convenience with access to free tools. Self-publish your book that serves as an excellent method to generate passive income.

In addition to being a seasoned writer, learn how to market your book. Some of the best sites include Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble Press, Lulu, and PublishDrive.

10. Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants make great money for completing tasks online and assisting companies. This is one of my favorite ways to make $10K a month online.

The best part of this job is that it doesn’t require unique skills to get started. As a virtual assistant, there will be a need for you to send emails, manage website content, post on social media, and more.

Find work on freelance sites. Also, the other way to boost this business is to reach out directly to bloggers.

Final words

Have you been looking forward to making money without a job? Sometimes, there is an easy way to make the required money with the 9-to-5 job.

But, if you wish to give up the boring desk job to make a living, then you will get the scope to earn through the plenty of side hustles that help you earn some extra cash. Such a source of income will be the most favorable option to pay off your debt.

We’ve listed some of the best ways by which you can make 10k a month. Get 10k fast by following some of the quickest ways to make money and take your career to the next level.

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