Hundred [100 Points] Symbol Emoji 💯

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Hundred in itself is the one number that means being perfect. A score of hundred in school, a century in a match, or a work with no error, the Hundred is the figure to use.

The hundred Emoji, written in the red with the two lines underneath, emphasizes the idea of superior performance and pride. 

The Hundred Emoji was added in the year 2010 to the Unicode 6.0. With the need to praise perfection, the Emoji was added to Emoji 1.0 in the year 2015. The Emoji is also known as the 100, Keep It 100, Perfect Score, and Hundred Points Symbol.

When to Use?

💯 Hundred Points Symbol
💯 Hundred Points Emoji
💯 100
💯 Keep It 100
💯 Perfect Score

The Hundred Emoji has its primary application when we need to praise someone. In chatting and texting, it is used to show that someone has done perfect work with no errors. For students, this is used when the student scores a perfect score in the exam.

A symbol of “keep it up” notion in performance and expression of pride and or, in general terms, acceptance of the idea, the hundred Emoji is one that is perfect to use. It is used to symbolize the acceptance and approval of an idea without any doubt.

In Snapchat, the Hundred Emoji is the next and higher point of Snapstreak. If it has been 100 days of sharing snaps without fail for even a single day, this Snap will appear next to the fire emoji.

Hundred Points Unicode Emoji

💯 U+1F4AF

To Wrap Up

The red-lettered Hundred with the double lines underneath to emphasize perfection, the Emoji is used to motivate. Just share this Emoji and let your friends know you are proud of their achievement, absolutely.

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