Shelving Options for Your Home Office

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Home offices are very popular since many people are now working remotely. That means the demand for home office furniture has sky-rocketed. A desk is a must for anyone working from home, but what about storage options? You don’t have the large file cabinet that you once had at the office, so what’s the best solution to your growing mounds of paperwork and reports that require a hard copy to be kept on file?

Consider using a bookcase to meet your storage needs. There are so many options; narrowing down a few can be tricky, but that’s why we are here to help.

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Before you go out and find the perfect bookcase think about what you will need to store. That will help you decide on a size. Are there only a few documents you need to keep? Then a short, two or three-shelf bookcase will be sufficient. 

Are you storing binders or thick files? Then you’ll need more shelf space and depth to accommodate your work. The shelves make it easy to locate paperwork you need quickly, especially if you’re on a conference call and need to compare metrics from the previous month. 

If you don’t need to access the files regularly but still need to have them on hand, use wicker baskets or decorative boxes to neatly store these files. That way, they’re not sloppily stacked on the shelf but nicely tucked away and contained in a box until needed.

Another consideration when thinking about a bookshelf for office storage is the material. Wood is very common and fits almost any design. Wooden bookshelves come in various finishes and range from light to dark wood. They complement most pieces you may already have in the space. Finding one that works well with your desk can keep the look cohesive.

But, there are other materials that blend well and instantly modernize the space. They combine wood and metals or use all metal to create an industrial look. The Itzel Antique Bookshelf is a perfect example of using wood and metal to create a sturdy piece that joins style and function. 

Glass and metal are also used to give the room a sleek, cool feel. The Chrome Bookcase offers an updated look and gives the room a futuristic feel. 

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Iron is also used to add a rustic charm to the décor. The Jacinda is a great example of a smaller bookcase that would work well beside a desk. It’s neutral in color with a simple style and elegant dark silver finish that would enhance any space it enters.

Shelving is one way to solve any storage problems you may experience as you adjust to your new office life. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and try a different material or finish than you traditionally would. Remember, you are not stuck ordering from the office supply book. You can decorate your space with furniture that you find pleasing in any color and style.

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