The Best New Business Gifts to Engage Prospects

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Being a new business is tough. There are so many established companies in most fields now that it can be hard to get noticed, even if you are doing everything right. Plus, times are changing and emails are no longer enough to get the attention of potential customers. That’s why marketing gifts are so important. A physical object with your branding will help you get noticed by potential clients so that they are more likely to come to you when they need something. Here’s our list of top gifts that new businesses can give to potential customers.


How many times have you heard someone looking around for a lighter? Well, give them what they need. Lighters are a great marketing gift because they’re often things that people need but can never find. Plus, if it gets passed on to someone else, then you’re just getting more people to know your brand name. Try looking at quality lighters by IGP Promo.

Edible treats

Everyone loves a snack, especially if it’s an unexpected treat that they haven’t had to buy for themselves. Sending an edible item can really make an impression on potential clients. Plus, chocolate makes people happier, and you definitely want your prospects to be happy when they think about your company.

USB sticks

In this day and age, everyone uses USB sticks to store their data. Plus, everyone loses their USB sticks, so they’re always glad to receive a new one. With a branded gift like this already at their desk, your company name is exactly where you want it to be.

Tote bags

Tote bags are one of the most useful business gifts you can hand out. Not only does your prospect have a constant reminder of your company and what you offer, but they’ll be advertising for your company whenever they use it out and about. Getting your name out there is a great use of business gifts, especially for new companies where you don’t yet have the brand recognition of a bigger company.

Wellness kits

Modern life can be pretty stressful and a little reminder to take a moment for wellness is so important. That’s what a wellness kit aims to achieve. Much like other pleasant gifts such as snacks, this can help your clients associate you with the good feeling they get when having a break. You can either get pre-made kits or get ideas for what to put in wellness kits.

Power banks

This is one of the ultimate items for utility. A power bank is vital on long road trips, and you can be sure that your prospects will be using this item over and over again, meaning they can’t help but see your branding.


Let’s be honest, it can be hard to make sure that people actually wear t-shirts with company branding on them. Instead, these are usually delegated to the back of the wardrobe. Socks, on the other hand, are worn constantly, and getting your brand into a prospect’s head first thing in the morning is definitely a good thing.

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Getting your name out there is vital for new companies, as it helps make sure that prospects bear you in mind when they need to make a buying decision. It can be hard to make sure that your name is remembered, but clever use of business gifts can help a lot. The best items to go for are useful pieces that people will turn to time and time again, as well as things that they associate with good emotion.

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