10 Best Fonts for Your Business Cards: Give Them a Professional Look

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A business card is a tool that a professional needs, for communicating with others in the business. In our regular life, we often exchange business cards with our business partners, suppliers, trade acquaintances, and more. We always focus on the information we pass on in the card like the contact details, company name, and so on. 

But how many times have you noticed the fonts in your business card? Does the font you have on the card, convey a professional message to the other person? 

Even if you don’t notice these details in your card, the opponent is surely looking at it. Your business card font surely conveys a strong message about your approach and professionalism towards the work.

If you want to leave an impact on the opponent’s mind or get noticed, it’s high time you select professional fonts for business cards.

Top 10 professional business card fonts you can choose from:

Do you want a professional font for business card making? Here is a list of the top 10 professional fonts that leave an impact every time you exchange your business card.

1. Campton:

Campton font is created by a proper amalgamation of unconventional and geometric designs. If you want an elegant font to stir your business acquaintance’s mind, then this is the ideal way to leave a strong message. This is a font that makes your business card look highly professional, relevant, updated, and even fun. 

So, now you can have a fun and professional approach altogether.

2. Code:

This is a bit blocky and rounded font that is always cleanly legible when printed on a card. Surely it is a great way to grab the attention of people with round block letters. Apart from the bold look, the font gets its elegance from the gleaming angles. 

If you want your business card to be tasteful and modern, then this is the font to look for.

3. Futura:

Futura is a cousin font to the classic Helvetica. It is the ultimate design of Sans Serif that offers the best business card fonts. The combination of spacing between the lines, styling, and weight range makes the font mildly artistic to look at.

This is a font, which when printed on your business card displays your confidence. You can now communicate strongly and also have clarity in your message.

4. Glasgow:

Glasgow offers a formal approach to your card, just like the age-old Times New Roman font. Both the uppercase and lowercase of the font showcase your formality in your approach.

This is probably the most perfect option for business cards. Why is it so? Business cards are usually printed in small font sizes, often making few details illegible. Glasgow, being a thicker font makes even these small fonts look prominent.

5. Gotu:

Gotu offers a twist of fun along with professionalism in its approach. This is a unique, soft, and simple font that can be used for typing for both the heading and the body of the card texts. 

This is definitely a font option you want to try to give your card a modern look.

6. Helvetica:

Helvetica, the classic font ever, is one of the most preferred business card fonts in the world. This is the Sans Serif font that is highly recognized globally for business cards. 

Even though the font is very simple, it never gets boring for us. The reason is simple – the appearance is very neat and appealing to the reader.

7. Jura:

Are you confused about using Sans Serif and Serif on your business card? We suggest ignoring both and choosing Jura instead. This is a font that is in line with being elegant, traditional, minimal, and even modern, all at once. 

8. Myriad Pro:

Just as the font name sounds, this is an ultra-professional and legible font with extra flair to go with. It looks very stylish on your business card, especially when you type “j” or “y”. These letters come with stylish and curved tails giving is a grand appearance.

The lowercase might look very artistic, but the uppercase comes with a touch of professionalism and neatness. Naturally, people like this on business cards.

9. Nevis:

Do you want your business card to be unique? Nevis is the font to choose in such cases. If you are typing in uppercase, the flashy features of the font ensure that it has the full attention of the readers.

This font is typically used in a business card when it comes to creating a brand image in the market. Ideally, you should you this font to type out your and your company’s name on the card. This will help you create an impact on the reader.

10. Trajan:

Trajan is a font that gets its inspiration from the classic form of Roman letters. If you want something classic yet simple, then it’s Trajan for you. You can use this font for your business card and remain professional yet unique.

The sole idea for choosing these great fonts is to create a brand image in the market with just one look.

Choosing the Best Font for Your Business Card:

Do you want to get the best font for business cards? You already know the suggested fonts in the market to choose from. But which is the best option for you?

When you choose a font for your business card, you need to keep these points in your mind- 

  • Never copy a font from another company’s business card.
  • Fonts vary from one company to another. 
  • the business type, the product you sell, etc. make a difference in the font you choose
  • the font you choose needs to represent the image of your business.
  • The font must resonate with the target audience.
  • The font needs to have a planned approach.
  • You need to display your creativity through the fonts as well

Traditionally, these three fonts had been in use in the market for business cards-

  • Times New Roman
  • Arial
  • Helvetica

These may be traditional, but people are changing trends now. There are other fonts in the market that serve the same purpose of bold and confident representation. 

To Conclude:

When you choose a font for your business card, always keep in mind, that this is the first impression creator for your brand. No matter which font you choose, it needs to represent your brand and send a confident message to the reader.

You need something that is strong, bold, legible, and professional. Being formal doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are many artistic and unconventional font designs that send a similar message as any traditional font.

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