15 Youtube Statistics You Need To know In 2021

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YouTube is an important social media tool that has transformed many lives, both for viewers and for video producers. As the platform is so big, have a look at some YouTube statistics for this year that you will need to know.

These not only aid in marketing and publicity but also help to provide greater insight into why this platform is so important in the digital environment.

It was in 2005 when the first video was uploaded on YouTube. YouTube has over two billion views daily by May 2010. By March 2013, the number of users was already 1 billion. Now in 2021, YouTube belongs to our everyday lives, and YouTube statistics are growing meteorically.

And the fact that Google bought this platform back in 2006 for $1.65 billion indicates that it is more than just online trivia – all of it’s about business. Let us thus begin to crunch the most fascinating statistics on YouTube.

15 Crucial YouTube Statistics You Should Know in 2021

1. The Average Page Views per Visitor stand at 9.96

Due to the fact that YouTube is also a search engine, individuals don’t have to spend all of their time seeing videos – they also browse around. It’s not just how many videos we see on YouTube but how often we visit the website.

The average daily page view numbers per visitor at the time this article is written are 9.96. However, remember that this number often fluctuates.

2. More than 70% of YouTube views are dominated by mobile devices.

Most of us move between gadgets for leisure and utilize our phones. The next obvious question is, therefore, how many video views from mobile devices occur on YouTube?

More than two-thirds of all views on YouTube happen on mobile devices. YouTube was the most popular app on the iOS App Store in 2019, so that wasn’t surprising.

3. On YouTube, every minute 500 hours of video are uploaded.

We’d want to add data on the overall YouTube videos to this section of general YouTube statistics, however, we cannot do this. Each minute that number increases by 500 hours! We can only say that every day, we view more than 5 billion videos.

4. YouTube had over 37 million Channels by the end of 2020.

Everyone appears to want their part in the frenzy on YouTube. There are more and more channels—YouTube Channel Stats currently indicate that the channel has exceeded 37 million.

Since YouTube deleted nearly two million channels due to spam, sex or hate material, nudity, or abuse between July and September 2020, or this figure could have been much higher.

5. Despacito is the most popular YouTube video.

Luis Fonsi’s and Daddy Yankee’s famous song “Despacito” has more than 42 million likes in the leading category. But most of them don’t want the most views – the child’s song Baby Shark Dance with 7.84 billion views is the winner in this category.

6. YouTube is Google’s second-most popular search engine

According to the latest youtube statistics, it is not only the second most popular social networking site on YouTube but also the second most popular search engine.

It indeed receives more search queries every month than the combined searches received on Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and Ask.com.

7. YouTube’s important for companies

More and more companies are turning to video, as video content becomes more important. Statistics indicate that 62% of companies utilize YouTube for posting video material. This is the second most common medium for companies to distribute their video content.

8. YouTube is an excellent medium for product discovery

Video is a strong marketing tool. 90% say they find companies or new items on YouTube. Now that it does not necessarily persuade individuals to purchase your goods or services, it does convey the message. During all phases of the journey, consumers depend on video content.

9. YouTube outperforms Legacy video mediums in watch metrics

When we make a case of using digital video material in the United States, social media sites are the most popular channels for customers than the largest news sites in the nation.

10. 90% of YouTube users are between 18-44

This is a major factor when determining the target and demographic market for YouTube because they are all active users both for the United States and the UK.

11. 15-25 age group comprises of 81% YouTube users in the USA

This number is essential for your target market to be selected. It is also essential to understand how a video can be placed on your current target market. Take into account this age group when you advertise on this platform in the USA.

12. Almost 15% of Web traffic on YouTube comes from the United States.

For YouTube, the U.S. is already a huge market. However, it is essential to identify the source of the other traffic in order to reach globally. Find out how they align themselves as well.

13. YouTube is going to make $5.5 billion for this year’s advertising income

Most people know YouTube as an excellent advertising tool, but you can also make use of it. Watch this source of income since it will continue to increase.

14. 8 out of 10 marketers find the most efficient platform

Video is an efficient and engaging marketing medium and it is primarily used on YouTube. Owing to this, marketers are increasingly turning to YouTube to fulfill their marketing requirements.

15. 70% of the videos viewed are from YouTube’s recommendation algorithm

The algorithm of YouTube works well for those who are able to utilize it. Since it benefits an overwhelming majority, learning the best practices is useful.

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Since its inception, YouTube has grown by leaps and bounds. It’s not just limited to hobbyists and casual creators, rather, it has evolved into a marketing behemoth that you simply cannot ignore. Now you know these crucial statistics that can help you in your next YouTube video marketing strategy.

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