How to Start Making YouTube Videos – A List of Equipment You Will Need

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Many people get inspired by YouTube stars, who have made a living out of a simple hobby. If you also want to try something new, or are already on a journey of becoming a YouTube star, then here is a list of equipment you will require: 


Of course, how do you expect to make a video without a camera? If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend too much on a camera, there are many budget-friendly options in the market. However, before you start searching for the best camera, first try understanding the types of cameras that you can use and which suits you the best. 

1. Smartphone Cameras

Everyone nowadays has a smartphone, be it Android or an iPhone. All these phones come with excellent quality cameras that have pro-level features. For example, iPhone camera is famous for its stabilizer that ensures a smooth and jerk-free video. Moreover, features like portrait modes and built-in filters are incredible for taking still shots that you can incorporate in your videos. 

The best part of using smartphone cameras is that you can find them in a budgeted range. Plus, you get multiple features and functions alongside a remarkable camera. Another benefit of using a smartphone camera is that you can instantly edit a video on your phone with an editing app, and upload or transfer clips from and to your laptop/PC very conveniently. 

If you are willing to invest more in a proper camera for shooting higher quality videos, there are other options you can consider. 


DSLRs have been around since a long time. These cameras work on a mirror reflective system, and have heavy duty bodies that are powered by rechargeable batteries and an external memory card for storage. Canon and Nikon DSLRs are the most common in the industry, and there are also many budgeted ranges of products by these brands. 

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3. Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras are compact and lightweight. They are latest technology, and allow you to interchange lenses as per your requirements. So, if you want to take it up a notch, then these cameras can be the best options. They shoot the same quality as a DSLR, but are known for their lightweight design that makes them ideal for daily use, travel purposes and for easy handling. Mirrorless cameras by Sony and Panasonic are a great option.


A YouTube video will be ineffective and boring without any sound or music. If you are planning to make v-logs, infographics, or even product reviews of any sort, you will need to record your own voice. For that, you need to have reliable and good quality microphones. If you are recording through a smartphone, then the built-in microphones can prove to be good enough. However, you might need to be in an extremely quiet place if you are using a smartphone mic. In addition to that, smartphone mics are a low-budget alternative to professional equipment that can create some best quality audios for your videos.

You can invest in a budgeted collar mic. These are very compact, portable and easy to operate too. You will find a wide price range on these mics, starting from as low as $10 to as high as $60. 

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Internet connectivity

Do not expect yourself to have a stable and consistent YouTube career if you don’t first invest in a good quality internet connection. You must consider many factors before subscribing to any internet provider.

Make sure you do not subscribe for a low download and upload speed as you will need these speeds for uploading your content and even streaming others content. Moreover, opt for a fiber optic internet as it is much faster and less likely to fall victim to power outages. If you are living or tend to travel a lot to a remote area, make sure to check the availability of rural internet by providers like AT&T and Spectrum that offer better internet coverage. 

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Other accessories 

Accessories like a tripod, stabilizer, gimbal and even external lighting can prove to be of great value for shooting YouTube videos. Here is a list of things you can check out on Amazon and decide which sounds of more worth to your purpose and goals:

  • Gimbal
  • Portable LED lights
  • Softbox
  • Ring Light
  • Tripod and selfie sticks
  • Camera slider
  • Light stands
  • Reflectors
  • Interchangeable lenses 
  • Extra memory cards
  • Camera bag
  • Wire and gadget organizers
  • Rain sleeve for camera protection

Final Word of Advice Along with tangible equipment such as a mic and a camera tripod, make sure to invest in things like editing software and a good internet connection. You can use BuyTVinternetphone to find the best internet packages by various providers. Without the right set up, it can be difficult to provide your audience with valuable and consistent content.

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