5 Things We All Hate About Starting Business And How To Overcome It

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Starting a business is a brave move. Many people talk for years about getting out of their corporate jobs and creating their own business, or preferably something they would genuinely enjoy investing their time and skills in. Some people will start their business journey but quit after a month, because it is too much for them to bear, mentally and financially, often physically. We commend you for wanting to start your business and researching more about it. If you are here, it means you want to know what you are going to face, so you don’t give up for the same reason many before you did. That’s why we made a shortlist of things people who want to start business hate the most, and what often gets in their way. We hope you learn from it, prepare from it, and tackle it properly.

“Where did the time go?”

You will see as soon as you start working on logistics, paperwork, finding workers, those days become a blur. You will wonder if it could only be possible for a day to have 48 hours instead of 24. This is the first thing where people usually break once they decide to dive into this venture. We hate to break it to you, but when you are starting a company essentially, you are the CEO, and at the time being, you will have to do lots of things alone. With time, you will be able to delegate, but at the beginning, you have to be aware of the fact you will have to put hours into what you want to become a reality.

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No support

You will rarely get support from your ex-coworkers, friends or even family. While some might be envious because you took actual steps, while they are still just thinking about it, your friends and family might support you occasionally, but they will mostly think you are reckless and selfish. If you had a perfect job to start with, this could be a great psychological barrier, if you weren’t 100% sure you are in for the kill. You did it. You took the first step. There will be lots of nagging if all the money you saved goes to your new business. It makes sense. You would probably react similarly. But if you know this is the way for you, find support through books from business people you admire, podcasts, even youtube videos. Connecting with people who also struggled at the beginning will give you a confidence boost. Avoid discussions and work.

About the money

Remember, because you had a great view and fancy chairs, this probably won’t be the case with where you are at now – at the beginning of something new. While there is often no capital and no investors (except you), you need to remember that nowadays you don’t need much money to start. Of course, it depends on what type of business you are creating. Whatever the case, in the age of the internet and technology moving fast forward, it has become a lot easier to connect with people, find space for your business and figure out a business plan. When investing your savings, you need to be careful and calculate every move. It is tiring, but it can save you hundreds of dollars. Remember delegating business is also essential. If you are not great with statistics and paperwork, it might be better to pull up some contacts and find an affordable one, good at what they do, a person who can deal with the economic part of your journey. You don’t want to open the company to find out you are in massive debt or forgot that one paper it’s necessary for everything to be legal.

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In conclusion

Time, money and confidence are essential when starting a business, and you will be your own greatest cheerleader at the beginning. Once you are aware of that, it should be easier to deal with what needs to be done. Accept it and continue working, as you did before. In the end, this is something you wanted for a long time, so do yourself a favour and make it something you would like to have even if you weren’t a business owner. Congrats, you have a growing business!

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