6 Amazing Benefits Of EBS Testing

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Considering its intricate and time-consuming testing processes, managing the performance and scalability of Oracle EBS applications upgrade can be incredibly difficult. As a result, test automation can be extremely important for ensuring quality control and expedited deployment. The EBS testing ensures engineering and quality assurance services are created to test, measure, and ensure quality for a wide range of emerging disruptive technologies, including social computing, cloud computing, analytics, mobile, and unified communications. The methodologies use open source and commercial off-the-shelf testing tools that are at the cutting edge of technology. In order to help our clients achieve their quality and service agreement goals while keeping costs within their budget, EBS offers testing services. 

Advantages of the EBS testing: 

  • Cut your migration timeframe by 30% on average: Opkey uses continuous, end-to-end EBS testing to reduce the risk associated with your EBS to OCI migration operations. 
  • 80 percent of Oracle migration projects run over budget or on schedule. Opkey makes sure that none of the clients fall under this 80%.
  • 70% faster CPU certification and security upgrades: To stay current on the newest security patches and crucial patch upgrades, use continuous, automated testing. 
  • Release your company’s users from protracted manual testing cycles and make sure your company maintains compliance. 
  • 60% fewer production defects will be made. Opkey gives you the ability to immediately conduct regression tests with every application change, lowering risk and speeding up time-to-market. Take advantage of the new feature right away and test Oracle EBS with confidence. 
  • Quickly discover: Opkey connects to your EBS environment and immediately learns what tests you’ve been performing. To find coverage gaps, Opkey also analyses your transaction data and modifications. Fill in the blanks by using collection of 2,000 pre-built EBS test cases to help you quickly reach 90% test coverage. Do not use lengthy business process documenting sessions or intricate Excel spreadsheets. 

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Key highlights of the EBS testing: 

  • Simple to Make: Any employee may build new tests 95% faster with Opkey’s no-code interface than with Selenium or other open-source tools to fill in any remaining coverage gaps. Build any new test, no matter how complicated, using drag-and-drop interface. With the help of test recorder, you can automatically capture browser sessions and produce reusable, reliable test scripts. 
  • Painlessly Maintain: With the aid of AI, you can easily maintain your automated Oracle EBS testing program. Without leaving the platform, generate reports automatically, work together across departments, and submit tickets. Simple test failure diagnosis, self-healing of damaged tests, and escalation. 
  • Meeting all of your requirements for Oracle EBS test automation: 2,000+ built-in, automated EBS test cases. Pre-built tests for financial, manufacturing, human resources, and supply chain systems can cut the ramp-up time for test automation in half, from months to days. 

Opkey enables you to automate single-app and cross-app testing without coding thanks to support for over 14 bundled apps and 150 technologies. The test automation tool from Opkey searches through your process logs to quickly find the tests you’ve been running and spot any coverage gaps. This is the reason why people choose Opkey services when they look for EBS testing. 

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