Benefits of Digital Marketing: Why You Should Start Using it Now

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Digital marketing has taken over all the marketing efforts of small and large companies and there are plenty of reasons why. 

The scope of digital marketing is on a strong upward trend and has experienced various technological advancements in the last decade. 

The pandemic further made it more evident that digital marketing is a knight in shining armour for all those companies who wanted to serve their customers stuck at home. 

In this blog, we’re going to explain what digital marketing is and the benefits of digital marketing which will compel you to make the shift now if you haven’t already. 

What is Digital Marketing?

As the name suggests, digital marketing is the advertisement/promotion of your products or services using digital channels only. A few examples of digital marketing could be running ads on social media & Google, website creation, email marketing, SMSes, etc. 

Digital marketing has been around for quite some time now but has picked up tremendously in the last 5-7 years. Due to that, even top universities and institutes introduced their digital marketing courses to help individuals know everything about digital marketing and start using it. 

So why exactly are so many companies, businesses and brands including digital marketing in their marketing efforts? 

Here are a few reasons why. 

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing For Businesses

1. No Geographical Limitations

The biggest advantage of using digital marketing is reaching out to a global audience now. Previously, it wasn’t possible for all sized companies to put up billboards in foreign countries or run adverts on their television channels, etc. 

But now, every company can reach a global target market on their phones – where they spend most of their time. Who imagined going global would’ve been relatively easier right? 

2. Specific Targeting 

Going global may have caused a question to arise in your mind – Does it make sense reaching literally everyone? Will it be relevant and cost-effective? 

Digital marketing has a solution for this too. Even when you’re going global, it’s not necessary to reach them all. You can mention very specific targeting options and reach only those people who are a part of your target audience. 

This way you save your resources while expanding the borders. Can it get more advantageous than this? 

3. Cost-Effective

Digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing ways there has ever been. When compared to the number of people you reach vs the amount of money you spent on each person, you’ll realise how cheaper it can be. 

In fact, ads on Google start for as low as 1$! How awesome is that. This has been one of the major benefits of digital marketing especially for small businesses & startups who have a budget crunch. Digital marketing has given equal opportunities to all which helps in levelling the competition to a great extent. 

4. Personalization

Why propagate one ad message to your entire audience base when you can show them different copies depending on what would appeal to them most? Personalization is winning as one of the most successful trends and digital marketing helps you do that. 

You can show different ads to different people, create content accordingly, send automated emails in a way that looks like the brand is directly talking to the reader and a lot more!

Personalization reportedly gets you more than double the results and is one of the best features of digital marketing. 

5. Easy Tracking

Will you be able to tell me how many people actually saw and read your ad on a billboard on a Monday between 10 am to 12pm? The answer is no. The maximum you could report is an approximate number along with unsurety of how many people actually read it. 

But with digital marketing, you can tell exactly who viewed your ad, clicked on it, how much time they spent on your website, which page did they visit, when did they open your email & a lot more.

Digital marketing tracking and reporting tools have made the life of marketers so much better. Data is now at one’s fingertips and if you have the right knowledge to interpret data, there’s no stopping from executing some amazing successful campaigns. 

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To Conclude

Every company and marketer has made their life easier and more efficient with digital marketing and it’s time you made yours too. 

Being startup owners & business leaders, it’s important you update yourself with the latest trends and digital marketing is one of them. There’s a reason why executive coaching in digital marketing is gaining popularity so ensure you stay ahead of the game. 

Hope this has given you some good insights into how digital marketing can help your business transform. You can also catch some quick info on why having an online presence is beneficial today

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