7 Factors About Postcard Printing  

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Part of running a successful business is maintaining strong communication with customers, clients, and business partners. One way to build business relationships is with postcard printing. As with the other printed materials, when it comes to postcard printing, Camarillo businesses need a quality printer they can trust. Fortunately, Custom Printing in Oxnard, CA is just a short drive away.

Why Postcard Printing Makes Sense?

An Advertising Postcard is Physically Stronger and Carries More Weight

While this may only be completely true in the literal sense, in many people’s minds it applies figuratively as well. Whether a postcard is handed to a potential business contact at a trade show or mailed to a customer, the fact that it is printed on heavy cardstock makes many people pause and hold onto the card a bit longer than they would with a flyer or brochure. Often, the card goes to the highly coveted spot of the refrigerator door where all its information is ready to access whenever it is needed.

There are thinner postcards that come in the mail as well, and while they may be cheaper, they are likely to head to the recycling bin sooner rather than later. The same thing goes for email lists that may be marked as spam, bypassing potential customers altogether.

A High-Quality Printed Postcard Shows You Care About Your Business

If there is someone new in town looking for companies to do business with, first impressions will carry a lot of weight. Cheap postcards can be digitally printed on thin cardstock, but they will look worn and faded compared to thicker options. If you are looking to handwrite a personal message on your postcards, be sure to select an uncoated type of cardstock. There is also an option to have a coating only on one side of the card, which allows the print of the card to still have a glossy surface.

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There are Pros and Cons to UV Coating on Your Postcards

One thing that can enhance the colors on a printed postcard is UV coating. The colors will look especially vibrant, leaving the card difficult to ignore. However, if you have any need to write on the cards, you’ll have a difficult time. A permanent marker is the only thing that works, and still, you’ll need to take care not to allow smudges before the marker dries. If the cards are to be mailed, only one side is allowed to have a UV coating, but they still don’t like it because coated cards are more likely to cause jams in the auto-sorters.

Templates From the Printer Make Creating the Perfect Postcard Easier

Since there isn’t a lot of space on a postcard, it can be tempting to fill the limited space with information, but it is important to resist the temptation. First of all, the post office needs to have some designated space on the card to show that the postage is being paid as well as zip code information. and mailing class. But even aside from leaving the required while space, it’s best not to overstuff content on to the card. Visual clutter can make many people uncomfortable. The reader should be able to get a sense of your message with a few glances. The words and images you do include should pack a punch. At Custom Printing we have postcard templates readily available that can give you a good place to start.

Target Marketing Your Postcards Can Make Them More Effective

It’s hard to be all things to all people on a postcard, so if you are using them in your marketing plan, it is best to choose someone specific to talk to. A clothing store might have a special on cotton blouses, even though several other things are sold in the same location, zoning in on a specific Potential customer from that demographic are more likely to feel seen and invest their energy in finding out more about your business.

For every group you market to, you’ll need to direct people to what they need to know, like how to find the physical and virtual location for your business, including addresses, phone numbers, and maps.

If You Plan to Mail, Double Check Postal Requirements

The post office relies on the systems it has in place in order to deliver mail as efficiently as possible. They’ve functioned as long as they have because they rely on individuals and businesses to be flexible with their mailing practices. Straying from the rules can mean a delay in delivery or may even keep mail from being received at all.

The post office has also made some changes of its own over the last several years, including raising prices on postage stamps and staying on top of various regulations.

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A Quality Printing Company Can Help You Navigate

With so many variables, getting the right look for your postcard can be a challenge. At Custom Printing, our experienced staff is dedicated to helping you get the quality printed products you need. We have been around for over 40 years and have seen many trends come and go in business. With, in many cases, decades of experience our employees can spot a fad, and can often identify what options are most likely to have sticking power.

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