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Are you worried about your trading skills? How do you feel if someone will do trading on your behalf or assist you? You will be excited and nervous at the same time. Start using paper apps for free in order to gain skills first. Check out the reviews of 11 paper apps – safetradebinaryoptions.

Here, we have something interesting for your worried trading soul, and this is ActTrader. 

Let us explore it!

Overview of ActTrader:

ActTrader is an automatic forex trading solution provider. It allows traders to do forex trading with computerized trading strategies without having the know-how to code.

ActForex (a US-based company founded in 2002) has introduced its most desirable product named ActTrader. The highly developed technology has made this platform an able aspirant and real opponent for the big name of MetaTrader.

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Features of ActTrader:

The software got popular with the number of quality features it holds in it. These features make it rank higher in the market. Similarly, ActTrader is one of its kind and prestigious at the top.

Here we will recognize these features one by one:

●   Fast Account Tracking:

Keeping track of all the trading activities is easily obtainable. The summary window shows open positions, including an overview of all private and other accounts. There are open positions for each instrument with the net profit/loss evident. Multiple accounts are manageable under one section.  There is an Account Information Window for trade monitoring, which displays account information in detail.

●   Visual Display:

The visual display of any software is its strength, and ActTrader wins the heart of traders. There is a toolbar named FXVoyage that provides a highly organized and managed interface to the users. The easily recognizable buttons for multiple commands ensure the quality. The specific workspace for every trader as per their requirements is accessible. The tab and the window are detachable, which is itself an advanced aspect.

●   Graphical Representation:

For a quick view of the trading history and trends, the software serves at its best. The graphical representation in the form of charts and graphs is available. It facilitates the users with more accurate information to make quick trading moves. Almost 30 types of technical indicators are accessible on this software. These indicators include a bar chart, line chart, and candlestick accommodating customization options.

This feature offers the zoom, draw, save, and printing option as well. The creation of objects and linkage in one or more charts can also be possible. This feature alone is even enough for trading decisions.

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●   Quick Response:

ActTrader stands significant among other software due to its quick response. The launching process is so quick and smooth that all features load within no time. The downloading is a creamy step as well. Traders can place the order in just simple steps. Any request or action traders take got quickly obliged.

●   Flexible Navigation:

To manage the software, a toolbar named FXVoyage is available. This toolbar organizes the navigation like a piece of cake. The menu provides a user-friendly interface that facilitates traders in browsing. For the ease of users, a set of commands are available in each tab for smooth trading. Though, it is a hassle-free app for traders.

Now, binge towards some benefits!

Benefits of ActTrader:

There are multiple benefits that ActTrader offers to its users. Let us detail them below:-

●   Freedom:

Freedom is one of the main advantages for forex brokers. Therefore, brokers may concentrate their efforts on the more vital areas of their businesses. The reason behind it is that ActForex handles all technical components of the program.

●   Customization:

The unlimited customizability of the ActTrader is perhaps its dominant aspect. Every single menu or tab is organizable. You can resize and move all menus, charts, and graphs as per your priority preferences. It boosts the overall user experience and makes it easier to manage your transactions and analyses.

Closing Notes:

To sum up, on a general note, ActTrader is among the first trading software of its types. Though, it is a flexible platform in terms of user experience. It is simple in operating and organizing. Nothing is complex in the software. Traders perform their trades effortlessly and haven’t faced any complexity while trading and managing accounts. The best thing about this platform is that even newbies can use it without any hassle.

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