How To Use Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat For Your Marketing Strategy

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We all know these platforms. It’s where we chat, send messages, see each other’s videos, and post the occasional selfie. That’s the great thing about them when you think about it. They’re multimedia, multi-functional sites that get a lot done. 

If there’s a way to transmit information, you can find it on these social media platforms. It’s this basic fact that makes them a haven for marketers too. Every way you can think of to market a product can be utilized with ease on these sites. 


Boasting more than a billion visits every month, Instagram is a must in the modern marketer’s armory. If you want to reach eyes and ears, this is your platform. One really useful tip here is to set up a business account, not a personal one. 

Setting up is simple enough. The benefits of a business profile are clear. Your customers can directly click on your details from the app as if it was your own site. The account also gives you a broader reach across the platform. 

There are a bunch of other perks you should check out too. In addition, some in-house editing tools can really make a difference and are also exclusive to the business profile. 


With its 100 million monthly users, TikTok is shaping up to be the young person’s leading platform. For those who are marketing to a younger, hipper kind of crowd, TikTok is an absolute must. 

The site is all about short videos of around 15 seconds, although you can string them together for a maximum of 60 seconds. This means that companies with shorter, snappy ads can really make inroads. 

When you add to that the fact that there’s been a bit of a lag in marketing awareness regarding the site, it should have the blood rushing. In a sense, TikTok is uncharted territory for marketers, which can open things up very well.

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Founded way back in 2011, Snapchat has bloomed into one of the social media industry’s serious contenders. With a daily traffic count of over 200 million, countless “snaps” are being sent and received every passing moment. 

It’s easy to use. Setting up a business account with Snapchat allows you to produce adverts using the Ads Manager feature. The ads on Snapchat have an additional impact on impulse buying over other sites, so your money goes far here. 

With the tagline, “Snapchat ads drive results”, the Snapchat Ads feature gives you a seamless and simple layout that works well. It may all seem a little foreign at first, but you’ll pick it up very quickly. 

You can do some handy things, too. There are ways to fine-tune your audience, along with a whole host of other goodies. If you’re looking to have an impact, it really pays to go for it properly and launch the feature in your profile right away. 

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Some Last Thoughts

It’s a whole world of possibilities that are unfolding before our eyes. For the creative marketing teams out there, these sites present both a challenge and an opportunity simultaneously. 

Rethinking your visual marketing ideas purely in terms of these new vehicles could mean the difference for your company going ahead. If you’re not thinking about it, you can bet your bottom dollar the next guy is. 

As ever in business, the winner gets the spoils. Particularly for those companies that manage to get their marketing to pop in a short, dense format, the modern social media landscape could be a Shangri-la for the future. 

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