31 Smart Business Ideas In India After Lockdown for 2022

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Were you aware that India was an island about 100 million years ago?

Approximately 50 million years ago India collided with Asia giving birth to the Himalayas. Sounds captivating? With more than a billion people from different religions and ethnicities, India has now become the land of doers!

Opening a gateway of businesses and ever-growing opportunities, let us look at some of the interesting business ideas in India that can provide the much-needed wind to the sail of your entrepreneurial venture. 

Top 31 business ideas in India

Note: These businesses are selected by our team that running well in India. As per our knowledge because we work hard to find a business opportunity that gives more profit and starts with low investment. And, after Lockdown you have a chance to start in 2022.
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1. Child Play Area

We all have taken care of at least one child, be it your own, someone else’s, your own brothers/ sisters or practically anyone. If you love children or like taking care of them then this choice for business ideas in India is the best for you.

All you need to do to make this smart choice work is a room in your house and some toys to keep the kids engaged. As soon as you start generating some funds, you can start adding facilities, get licenses and can even rent a place.

2. Pregnancy Exercise Service

Business ideas in India such as this one are so important for pregnant ladies. By training yourself in special exercises that are meant for pregnant ladies, you are not only earning money but also helping these women stay healthy.

To prepare for this service, you will require proper training so that the mother and baby performing these exercises are not harmed.

3. Gaming Zones

Most of us have been scolded as a child for playing games beyond the allotted time, tell me, haven’t we?! You can still find some adults busting their stress by playing all sorts of games- video games, mobile games and computer games.

It’s easy to create a place inside your house that has all the latest games and charge a nominal fee based on an hourly basis or per-game basis. You can also add the old games that you don’t play with to the collection.

4. Wig making business

With growing pollution and humungous stress, many people are losing their hair quickly. Remember that person who’s hairline was thinning and you laughed at them? Well, that could happen to the best of us.

So, why not use this need to make wigs? You can use real, fake or animal hair to make the wigs. Making the wigs at home can be cheap and then you can quote a higher amount to gain good profits.

5. Funeral services

Death is inevitable and all of us wish to bid our loved-ones farewell in the best way possible. But there are places that do not have adequate funeral services.

If you have experienced the loss of someone you loved, then there is no better person than you to provide this facility to those who have to travel miles (sometimes on foot) to get this basic need. 

6. Doula

Providing Doula services to a pregnant woman is one of the new emerging business ideas in India. 

When providing Doula services it is ensured that the pregnant patient is provided with all the necessary emotional and physical assistance during the period of pregnancy and birth. 

7. Online Game organizer

With more and more technological advancements, the way various games are played has also changed.

You can join various online gaming platform that requires someone to manage the entire game. This can be your opportunity to smash it and generate some income.

8. Medical Sample collector

The world is becoming busier by the day and even though it shouldn’t, we often ignore our health because there is no time.

In today’s time, there is a dire need for facilities that can make our lives easier such as at-home medical sample collector, this is one of the trending business ideas in India.

9. Delivery of Other’s Business Products

Why waste your precious time in building something new? Why not help those who are already creating new products?

With delivery systems on the high, demand for at-home deliveries is soaring, this could be amongst the most ideal business ideas in India.

 10. Sofa/ Furniture cleaning services

India is a developing country which means that construction work almost never stops here. Thus, you can see dust almost everywhere in the house.

Take this opportunity to develop your business of sofa or furniture cleaning services.

11. Momos centre

Who doesn’t love momos? This dish popular in the northern and eastern region of India has stolen our heart.

You could either set up your own corner, hire someone or give your space to someone for rent.

12. A place for laundry work

Many people are now shifting in search of work and studies. Sometimes these people don’t have a place to do their laundry.

A soon to be growing market for such business ideas in India, this can be a great way to set your foot in the world of business with minimal effort.

13. Handmade mobile covers

A trend that seems to never grow old… I mean can you imagine a day without your mobile phone? When there is a mobile phone, there has to be a cover.

Use the basic things found at your home, use waste products and experiment. That’s typically all you need to start this business.

14. Reusing and Redesigning of old sarees and lehengas

Do you remember trying out our parents’ clothes as a child to look like them? Wearing their shoes? Their accessories?

Well, this business idea is something similar but with a twist. You can reuse patches from old sarees and lehengas on designer clothes.

15. Applique making

Appliques on jeans, bags and other pieces of clothing always make them look amazing. This trend has been going on for years and seems to never fall short of inspiring us.

You can make the applique with hand or machines, depending on your skill type and availability of resources.

16. Ayurvedic Products

The Indian roots are linked to home and ayurvedic remedies for almost any ailment. India has an abundance of herbs and plants that have medicinal properties. 

You can use this knowledge of Ayurveda as a business to not only generate income but also to help treat people who don’t have access to these products.

17. Aquarium cleaning services

There are so many people who love pets, some of them adopt dogs, cats, birds and some get fish.

But cleaning the aquarium can be a big hassle and thus can be an exceptional business opportunity.

18. Fumigation service

As the consumption of packaged goods is increasing so are the mosquitoes and no one can disagree that they are a menace.

You can hire employees who will go to fumigate various places, you can also get affiliated with the government during monsoon season. It is a one of the most popular small business ideas in Punjab.

19. Selling photos online

If photography is your happy place, then these business ideas in India can be what you are looking for.

You can sell photos of almost anything and sell them on various platforms online. Let’s get digital!

20. Homemade Diet Namkeen Shop

Are you a serial muncher? If you are, then you know the struggle that many of us go through.

You can make homemade diet namkeens, ideas like these qualify for healthy business ideas in India!

21. Art gallery/store

Capturing the art collectors and the people who get fascinated by art!

If this sounds interesting to you then opening an art gallery or store can be amongst the list of swell business ideas in India for you.

22. Poultry Breeding

The number of people eating non-vegetarian foods is surely increasing in India.

You can start your own farm where you can not only breed poultry but acquire dairy products as well.

 23. Automobile modification

How ravishing can a modified car or bike look! Its nothing less than charming in the first sight.

If automobile modification is your strength, then you can surely play with it in your own style.

24. Organic Grocery Store

There is a growing demand for organic products, especially now when we hear that everything is adulterated.

You can use these business ideas in India to capture the new growing market of organic products.

25. The Kitchen garden Business

Why should you go anywhere when you can create your own kitchen garden at home?

You can sell the vegetables you grow at higher prices and generate profits from this business.

26. Seed distribution

India is agricultural land, the land where many people earn their livelihood from crops.

Distributing seeds to various parts of the country means you can make profits faster than you imagined.

27. Sell Indian Masalas or Spices

This is one of the no brainer business ideas in India for the people living here. 

India is famous across the globe for its spices and using this business strategy can make you rich without you realising.

28. Naturopathic healing

The traditional healing practices of India are now being recognized globally.

What are you waiting for? Go grab your stuff and start making money! It’s that simple!

29. Alternative Therapies (Spa)

Who doesn’t like to relax after a stressful day? All you need is a quiet place, some relaxing music and royal treatment.

Recreate this experience for your customers and see how business ideas in India like these make you rich.

30. Water Aerobics

This is one of the relatively new business ideas in India. A lot of people are facing health problems these days and water aerobics could be the new solution for them.

All you need to do is provide a pool and a trainer and you are good to go!

31. Sell Customized Branded Shoes

Add your talent to products that already have a value! Sounds interesting?

All you need are some branded shoes and imagination to make them look like whatever you want!

Do these business ideas in India interest you? Share your views with us!