How business devices become Tech-Grinch’s Toys?

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You may hear of Grinch stories that used to steal Christmas presents. Nowadays, he has turned into Tech-Grinch and can make your business devices their toys. Business firms are experiencing online attacks to the next level and lose the data available on cellphones, tabs, and computer devices. Grinch is now attacking business devices and play with them, like toys. Business professionals are concerned about online attacks, but they don’t realize that they are making devices vulnerable to online attacks. Employees working in a business firm are responsible for making their company devices toys of the tech-Grinch.

Why do business devices become tech-Grinch Toys?

The hackers and cybercriminals are technically way beyond then the businesses worldwide. They are always looking forward to targeting small businesses. Online attackers strike on small business firms lacking in online security. They used to manipulate human errors, like weak passwords, and without using online security on computers. It means employers who don’t bother to make sure of the business security they are allowing tech-Grinch to use it as toys. Grinch would use the business devices as their toys and steal the data as Christmas presents. As Christmas is around the corner, and Grinch is ready to steal business devices filled with data. Before going towards the solutions, you need to know the following stats about online attacks.

Cyber –Grinch is far more dangerous than the Christmas Grinch –Statistics.

It is said that after every 39 seconds, a business face cyber-attack.

Hackers and cybercriminals do steal your business data through scams, malware, and phishing attacks, and through emails. Your business remains in trouble lacking in cybersecurity on business devices. Small business organizations don’t bother to create a backup for the data stored on business devices. 

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More than 40% of small businesses have been targeted by online attacks worldwide.

Small businesses equipped with business devices, like PCs, computers, and cellphones, have got cyber-attacks. So, hackers and scammers always go for easy goals, and they attack the business organizations running on a small scale of business. 

COVID-19 pandemic has come up with 300% opportunities for online hackers and scammers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted business professionals to stay at home. They allow their workforce to work from home. Therefore, online attacks on businesses have risen to 300% all across the globe. 

Health care departments worldwide are 90% on the verge of data breaching or online attacks.

Health organizations and businesses are facing data breaching and online attacks more than anyone else. Almost 93% of the health departments worldwide have got data breaching attacks. They are more likely to get attacks on digital devices stored with massive patient’s data. 

Human errors are 95% responsible for data breaches and scams in business firms.

Businesses in the world, like the corporate sector, human errors have a lead business to vanish away everything on business computers and gadgets. Cyber-attacks, like malware, scams, email hacking, and black hat hacking have breached the business devices. 

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How to prevent business devices to become Tech-Grinch Toys?

If you want to make sure the safety of your business, use a computer tracking app. It is the best tool to prevent all the tech-Grinch to steal data from digital devices toys, and you can tackle all the breaches and scams to the fullest. You can use employee monitoring software on business devices. You have to get a separate license for cellphones and computer devices running with different operating systems. After you have installed monitoring software on the target devices, then you can use its online dashboard. It further enables you to access t features. You can use the monitoring tools to protect your business to the fullest.

Record screen

You can record the live screen of computer devices, and you can make short videos to see what employees are doing on the computer screen. You can see videos and examine the employee’s activities that make hackers breach your business data, like weak passwords, touching malicious links, and many more.

Monitor emails

You can monitor and track emails sent/received on the target device using the email monitoring app.

Block websites

You can block all the malicious websites running on a business computer to the fullest.

Track GPS location

You can track the GPS location of the target device lost or theft and remotely retrieve the data, and you can delete it remotely. To check and verify your location in real-time you can use the WhereAmI tool which will detect your position along with coordinates, address, and IP.

Data backup

Monitoring app for cellphone and PC enables you to create a data backup for your business data and get it back if the business has faced any cyber-attack.

Keystrokes logger

Business owners can monitor and record all the keystrokes applied to the target device using keystrokes logging. It enables you to know every password and credential applied to the business device.


Employee monitoring app is the best tool that enables you to prevent Tech-Grinch to use your devices as toys. 

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