51+ Unique Craft Business Names Ideas

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Starting a craft business and looking for craft business names can be generally simple depending on what sort of business you need to have.

In the event that you are thinking to make your very own crafts, you can begin with your home only.

In the event that you want to have an art store, either selling art supplies or running a shop for different makers, you will require a retail store.

The craft and art market is huge and includes numerous hand-made goods for example candles, toys, needlework, decoration, clothing, pottery, woodworking, painting, art, accessories, gems and other jewelry, signs, and many more.

Every individual thinks about craft business names and cool craft names before starting their own craft shop. Many of them are confused regarding what is a good name for a craft business.

So in this article, we are providing some craft store names that will give you an idea of deciding your own craft business name for perfect craft store names.

With the help of this article, we will try to answer some of the questions such as craft business name ideas free and what is a good name for a craft business by providing you names for art and craft business.

The following are a few examples of basic, exceptional, and unique craft business names which will help you as a guide in picking your very own business name.

A few names might be already utilized in your area or maybe trademarked.

So you have to be ensured about researching the handmade craft business name ideas you pick before registering it and having any promoting materials printed.

Some Cool Craft Stores Names ideas are Given Below

S.NOCraft business Names ideas
1A Little Twisted
2A New Angle Crafters
3All in One Apron
4All Tied Up Crafts
5Always September
6Angelic Fragrances
7Anything Goes Crafts
8Ark Animals
9Art Quality Inc.
10Artsy Fartsy Crafts
11Blue Ribbon Crafters
12Bonke Crafts
14Braided Art
15Buttons and Bows
16Caleb Gifts Collection
17Carpe Diem
18Clip n’ Snip Crafts
20Cooked Cousins
21Craft Angels
22Craft Machine
23Craft n’ Creations
24Craft Tree
27Crafts To Love
28Crazy Crafty Chicks
29Creative Egg Designs
30Curly Q’s Creations
31Cute as a Button Crafts
32Diva Treva Soapworks
33Dreamation Designs
34Dreamy Designs
35Dyed in Heaven Crafts
36Ellie’s At
37Esther’s Linen
38Fennis Jewelry
39Fired Up Pottery
40Flights of Fancy
41Flying Designs
42Functional Footwear
43Game Day Designs
44Great Craft Works
45Greenlight Creations
46Hand Painted Fabric Art
47Handy Mandy
48Harmony in Design
49Heavenly Handmade
50iCandy Crafts
51Junk Drawer Artisan
52Just A Rumour
53Just Craftin’ Around
54Knotty Knitters
55Krissy’s Kraft House
56Lavender Heart
57LeftBrain Creations
58Let’s Get Craftin’
59Lightley’s Wooden Toys
60Little House
61Little Rosebud Crafts
62Lovely Lady Crafts
63Lukkie Creations
64MetalEdge Crafts
65Millers of White Gate
66Out of the Box Crafts
68Patsy Ince Decoupage
69Paula’s Tie Dye
70Pearls & Gemstones
71Pens for a Cause
72Petite Boutique
73Rose Wood Crafts
75Second Time Around
76Shady Deal
77Simply Chic Crafts
78Smart Art Crafts
79Soul Gems
80Stonegate Candle Creations
81Studio 9ten
82Sunset Candles
83Susy Q’s Crochet
84That’s Sew Crafty!
85The Art Box
86The Basket Cache
87The Craft House
88The Creative Crafter
89The Daily Grind
90The Kraft Lady
91The Puppet Farm
92The Two of Us
93Time Travels
94Tiny Tops
95Top of the Stairs
96Treehouse Crafts
97TwoCan Craft
98Waterwise Plants
99Wendy Bell Framing
100Wire Crafts
101World of Wonder Designs

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Craft Business

One thing you have to consider is an art business name. Art business names should shout “creative” which should not be very hard.

So here are a couple of tips to enable you to pick a cool craft name.

1. Use Rhymes

Rhymes are easy and also fun to remember. If you use a rhyme in your craft business name will enable it to stick surely.

2. Use Puns

puns can also be used as it is fun in the business name and make it easy for you to select craft shop names. It can be catchy that helps the individual to remember craft shop names.

3. Use Your Specialty

If you are keen to do some specific type of crafts like sewing, you can select a business name that reflects this to help individuals to know about what type of business you do.

4. Use Your Name

It is a fact that artists should be known by their name and also good business owners.

You need not be a shy person by using your name that helps to uniquely identify and personalize your craft business.

Other Things You Have to Consider.

1. Is the craft business name is easy to remember and pronounce?

2. You can check on Copyright.gov to know whether your craft name has been already taken or protected by copyrights.

3. Is the craft business name is available n social networking websites such as Art fire and Etsy?

4. Is the name has special or unique when compared with the items you make. Does it reflect the purpose, spirit, scope, and medium of the things or product you create?

When you’ve picked a name, you’ll have the option to move onto everything else you have to do to begin your business.

Meanwhile, you can also get ahead to begin making your items and maybe you will find out inspiration in your creation.


So this article with craft business names is all related to deciding cool craft names.

And help you in choosing the right name for your craft store and those people who are searching for handmade craft business name ideas.

You can also look for easy and unique craft ideas if you want some ideas for your craft business.

We hope that this article with names for art and craft businesses will help people to find out some unique craft business ideas so that they won’t have to search for craft business name ideas free.

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