How Does Discord Make Money? Discord Business Model

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There are more than 2.2 billion gamers that are active and in 2017 it generates approximately 108.9 billion revenue.

There are many game business models available but the business model that enables the gamers to connect with each other by having voice chat and interacting with each other can be a better game business model.


We will be discussing discord, how does discord makes money, the discord business model, how much is discord worth, and a lot more.

What is Discord?

Discord is a software that is an all-in-one voice, video chat, and text application and is dedicated to gamers all around the globe.

This is an application that focuses on the hassle-free text and voice chat experience between the gamers and building the communities outside the game.

When utilizing Discord, you take an interest in themed servers which can be made by anybody signed in on the application.

Similar servers can be joined by other people who have the participation or invite link.

The server admin can host voice and text channels which are utilized by the individuals to talk about various topics.

Despite the fact that gamers are the target market of Discord yet the platform is utilized by numerous other groups going from art, music, business enterprise to spirituality, etc.

Now let us discuss more the discord business model in which we will discuss how does discord makes money, how is discord free, how much is discord worth, and discord server cost.

Discord Business Model

The discord application is absolutely free and as per its strategies and plans, it will not going to charge any money for its core features in near future.

The principal focal point of this application is to give a hassle-free platform in terms of communication to everybody.

Additionally, the organization likewise focuses on integrating its voice and text chat service in this gaming industry.

It gives a free device (game bridge) that helps engineers to integrate the application into their games.

Various other features like Streamkit and rich presence are additionally given free of cost which helps the game designers to list their game on the apps.

(Which can be picked by the users as the game they’re playing at that time.) and coordinate different applications like Game Wisp, Twitch, and so on with the application.

The application can get huge benefits of capitalizing on the network effect by operating among the gamers where the value will be increasing with the increase in the users who join it.

How Discord Make Money?

Now let us look into how does discord makes money. Discord model of revenue is yet a work in progress. The organization is against advertisements and selling of client’s data and information and is depending on the funding money till as of now.

They have no goals to make clients pay to utilize the application in the future but the organization is moving towards a business model where it gives more and better features to the individuals who pay for them.

Also, discord makes its profit by selling organization stock and other merchandise.

1. Nitro

Recently Discord has launched its plan of $9.99 which is a monthly subscription plan.

This Nitro is a plan that enables subscribed users to get various kinds of add-ons such as high-quality screen share, animated avatars, animated and custom emojis, and a lot more.

2. Discord Merch

Individuals also think about how discord makes money. A little bit part of discord’s revenue also generates from its merchandise store.

By selling branded hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts generate a small portion of its revenue.

Discord Net Worth

YearsNET Worth
2017$1.6 billion
2018$2 billion
2020$3.5 billion
2021$7 billion

Many of the individuals think about the net worth of discord. Discord, one of the most amazing group chat applications for gamers raised new funding of about $150 million and is now valued to some around $7.05 billion.

Discord Future Revenue Strategies

Regardless of the amount you attempt to engage your clients by giving them a free experience, you must earn some profit to remain alive in the market.

Nitro is a decent strategy to acquire income in the starting stages.

However, this startup without a doubt has numerous other potential income streams that it will use in the future.

Some of these can be.

1. Game Bridge

The game bridge enables game designers to incorporate the application in their game and decrease the burden of coding an in-game chat feature.

So of the features can be.

➦ Integrated sharing of GIF, screenshots, and videos.

➦ Controlling audio settings.

➦ Building up of community.

➦ Auto creation of temporary or permanent servers etc.

2. Sharing of Game Revenue

In the future, Discord can do what needs to be done with game companies.

They can add some additional income through referrals which means they can get some kind of amount when customers or users purchase a feature or game.

Discord entered into an agreement with Spotify recently. Clients of the application can connect their Spotify accounts with their Discord account.

They’ll have the option to share what music they want to listen to into their Discord profiles or at the same time listen to the music within a server.

This would enable the organization to keep the users and gamers on their platform.

Some Feature of The Discord Application

➦ Convenience for mobile as well as PC use.

➦ CPU usage is minimum.

➦ It has a smart push notification.

➦ Multiple channels.

➦ Modern video and text chat.

➦ Communication Is 100% free.


So this is all about discord, a text video and voice chat application dedicated to the gamers.

Hope this would solve the queries of many individuals regarding how discord makes money, its net worth, its future revenue strategies, its business model, and many more things.

It is a great application that is specially designed for gamers all around the world.

More and more gamers are connecting every day with discord as it provides great features to its users and this directly benefits the discord as it generates more revenue.

This was the complete article on how does discord makes money in which we explained to you how is discord free.

We tried to answered questions related to discord server cost and many more.

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