NetBase Quid – Emerging Trends with Significant Impact on Business Growth

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It’s hard to detect consumer trends with evolving technology. Marketers are forced to be creative with their marketing strategy to remain relevant and attain a vast customer base. They have to incorporate emerging trends with their marketing strategy to stay competitive in any industry. However, digital Darwinism is a threat to businesses due to the fast technology evolution with minimum ability to exploit it.

Artificial intelligence

Today, artificial intelligence is already gaining dominance over the business world, and it’s slowly replacing individuals in doing simple tasks. For instance, Microsoft uses knightscope k5 robots to patrol the parking lot. These robots possess numerous abilities, and they can report suspicious activities, read plate numbers and collect information to report to their owners.

They are essential in protecting parking and large space and can predict and prevent crime. Businesses can use AI to their advantage since it can analyze consumer habits and search patterns. It comfortably analyzes data to provide a business with the customer response to their products. AI cuts staffing costs while accelerating business growth to remain ahead of the competition.

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Programmatic Advertising

This emerging trend in marketing automates ad marketing, allowing you to target a specific market group; it’s considered the most efficient advertisement form, which has a high conversion rate with minimal cost. Businesses can invest their resources in other projects that contribute to their growth. Automation has incredibly changed the digital marketing face.


A Chabot is an essential part of digital marketing that replies to massaging in real-time. According to a survey, Chatbots will take over the customer service department. It’s approved to be reliable when offering customer service due to its quick response to simple questions and 24-hour service. Many companies are already using Chatbots since they provide excellent customer service and record customer details accessed on demand. Companies can save on staffing resources to focus on essential projects since the virtual assistant can handle the task thanks to the constant emerging trends.


Using personalized marketing keeps you ahead of competitors since customers tend to ignore general advertisements. You can use customized content, emails, products, and much more. Personalizing business ads increases the conversion rate since it’s appealing to most clients. Many companies have succeeded through personalization with a tailored product to suit customer satisfaction.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is vital as it uses visuals to relay its customers’ intended message. Through videos, customers can quickly identify with the products offering solutions to their existing problems. Videos increase confidence in online purchases, and as a result, there is a high conversion rate. The emerging trends in marketing videos are most compelling, and content is viewed on any device, increasing conversion rate.

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Social Messaging App

Since people spent most of their time on social media taking advantage of this messaging app can positively impact a business. A business can use these services to reach potential customers directly. Most of these messages have positive results since the content is personalized to suit a specific customer.

Social Media Stories

Due to fear of missing out, businesses should take advantage of the short story segment available on several platforms to market their products. Despite the limited time duration, it helps create product awareness at a low cost, increase traffic to your website and engage potential customers.

NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid uses emerging trends to ensure a business understands trends that work to increase conversion and take advantage of them. A business needs to identify platforms that work for them since some offer more features than others. NetBase Quid runs various models to identify relevant data to your business which is used to strategize marketing and remain competitive.

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