How Does Twitter Make Money? Twitter Business Model

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No introduction needed

How does Twitter make money is a question that arises in many minds? Twitter is an online entity, a social media giant, a social media giant, what not? To be honest.

Twitter has several definitions and explanations in various other sources it is said to be the modern-day news source for the people of the digital era.

Over a decade ago the founder Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet was “Just setting up my Twitter” on the mini-blogging website as the platform’s first-ever tweet. Let look at twitter’s business model.

The Ages back story

And ever since it became a way of saying the most with just a couple of words. It is quite a popular platform in the United States. As not just the common people use it, even the President of America has been onto it.

The overall impact of Twitter has been such a key player even in breaking down and shattering the strongest organizations. It has won many awards for breaking and bringing about a great impact in the years 2012 & 2015.

Additionally, Twitter also has been acclaimed to be the “Pulse of the Earth” this is not something effective but is powerful at the same time which is why the greatest news organizations cannot stand parallel to it to its level.

Hype, Impact, and Falling Revenue

Let’s look at how does twitter make money.  And for the entire hype, impact and all due respect have been diminishing day by day. The company has let some custom features in abnormal and multiple business models.

The revenue model of Twitter has remained in the static situation for years as it may still see a change in the current scenario in a much probable and profitable manner and has not reached its saturation level yet.

So, what kind of business model does Twitter carry? And how does it work to earn a profitable margin?

So that is exactly the reason for writing this article. So, without any further ado let’s get started with it.

What exactly does Twitter stand for?

Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dossey, Evan Williams, and Noah Glass. The organization had been based in the United States, California, San Francisco.

The twitter business model is a mini-sized platform intended for blogging only which instantly was such a huge hit at a global scale right after it was launched.

Talking every month, the platform hosts the services for over 329 million active users thus making it a much bigger or can say the 9h biggest social media platform across the globe.

Twitter has been claimed to be the biggest ground-shattering invention as of 2016 and all over the news in the same year during elections in the United States of America, there were about 400,000 tweets based on elections by the end of the day.

More information 

We look at the twitter business model we see, the total valuation of the platform is and always has been dependent on user engagement.

Unlucky at the present moment the user engagement of Twitter has been diminishing slowly while the user engagement has been increasing tremendously over all the other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have a massive user base in comparison with Twitters. Even though it has been deemed as a fierce contender to Facebook in the beginning.

Facebook at present has been the world’s most commonly used social networking platform and has an estimated value of about USD 490 billion with an active user base of 3 billion which is almost half of the entire population of the world and the numbers just seem to be increasing day by day.

On the contrary, twitter stays at the 9th level in terms of active users and the overall valuation is been falling day by day.

Twitter is believed to be the platform with an overall evaluation of USD 15 billion and at present was declared in an IPO valuation of USD 18 billion.

Twitter business model

The business model of Twitter

Twitter’s business model had been very much like the business model of various other social media platforms. What all it asks?

It just asks the user to create a profile and the users can have a profile created in a couple of minutes and the users in real-time can post short status and it allows a threshold of only 280 characters.

But the catch is only the registered users post something they want in a limit of 280 characters but the ones who are not registered cannot post or update a status while can just keep an eye on the current statuses being updated.

A user can do that with the help of the site, SMS, or even application. One can also say it as Internet-powered or backed SMS.

Sharing a part of revenue by Twitter

By sharing a part of an amount with the users, they are motivated to create even more engaging content which will continue to pull more traffic on their site.

So, whatever the income from the generated content will be shared by the platform, the claimed percent shared is 70 percent of the total earnings while the platform keeps a 30 percent share as a commission as offering the content a window offered to share the user content.

On the other hand, contenders such as YouTube and other major players just offer a 58 percent share to the content creators. Twitter by making use of Periscope has been attempting to pull in real-time streams.

However, digital rights have been procured by the site for USD 10 million in the year 2016. Just, in any case, the user can have the same generated for it exclusively for huge events such as political discussions, ceremonies, debates, and NFL games to improvise its so-called business model.

On the other hand, having a fierce competition to deal with which comes from YouTube and Facebook, can also cause a massive hike in the diminishing incomes if only the costs are administered quite perfectly.

Concerning the total valuation, the platform (Twitter) provides its users with the below-mentioned advantages

1. Benefits to the users

Irrespective of what the users have got to share with the world, a user may get an instant and much more related content to get engaged with so that they could take active participation in discussions with people in the form of messages and also get an opportunity to participate in the conversation through messages & tweets.

2. Benefits to the advertisers

It offers great functionality in terms of features and global useful reach with out-of-the-box ad templates, instant connection on the go with the customers & targeted audience.

3. Benefits to Data collaborators

It also allows the data partners to have a legitimate or one can say unbarred, unrestricted access to search, and analyze data so to generate a better and thorough understanding so to generate revenue.

Twitter’s Acquisitions and Partnerships

Although Twitter forever has made its attempts to strengthen and make a business model much more reliable through a medium of partnerships and acquisitions in place of revenue growth or internal user development.

There are a few very famous partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions which is mentioned below in the list

So right before the moment, we jump to the question of how does Twitter generates a stream of its income let’s also take a close look at the revenue model, it is very much important to be determined of what were Twitter’s most renowned partnerships and acquisitions over the years.

The organizations have acquired a lot in the past few years, more than 50 to be exact.

Some of the leading acquisitions are as follows

1. Crashlytics

This is a tool used for reporting or monitoring crashes of the application. In the year 2013, the application was owned by the Twitter Corporation for USD 100 million.

2. Gnip

Gnip was acquired by Twitter which was a social media programming application API-based User interface back in the year 2014 fi=or USD 135 million.

3. Magic Pony Technology

Magic Pony Technology was acquired by Twitter for USD 52 million in the year 2016 to improvise the machine learning abilities of the Twitter corporation.

4. MoPub Advertising Solutions

MoPub Advertising Solutions was owned by Twitter back in the year 2013 for USD 360 million. It caters to the world’s greatest mobile promotion servers with an instant bidding transmission approach.

5. Periscope

Periscope was acquired by Twitter for USD 100 million in the year 2015 which was a newly launched company. It owned Periscope so to enhance the video functionalities even more, hence adding to the overall value of enhancing and improving instant broadcasting services.

6. TapCommerce

Tapcommerce was sold out by its owner to Twitter Corporation in the year Jun 30, 2014, for a massive amount of USD $100 million. Acquiring Tapcommerce offered the platform so to bring the required handheld installation advertisement engagements.

7. TellApart

As per the records acquiring of TellApart was one of the greatest deals that Twitter ever made all together combined. The company acquired this organization for over a staggering amount of USD 480 million.

As the TellApart was a virtual promotion platform that could help in enhancing the promotional revenue which is created by advertisements that have tweets and other information which resembles more of Tweet so to complete a specific action.

8. Vine

Vine was acquired by Twitter in the year 2013 for over USD 28 million in the year 2013. Acquiring this corporation helped the company to bring about an overall enhancement to video-sharing functionalities.

9. Zipdial

Twitter-owned Zipdial years back as it was a major acquittance by the company which cost it about a jaw-dropping amount of USD 30 million. The company was an Indian organization which was originated from American.

The company was rather focused on the collection of probable responses from the users and centered its focus on missed call tech too.

How is Twitter making money, and how is it possible as the services being provided are free?

How Twitter makes money. The answer is quite simple as it was already mentioned in the above specs that user data sharing and advertising are the two main sources of income for the Twitter company.

Also, on the other hand, the users can follow other users on the platform which will let users monitor tweets of the ones they pick as the ones they wish to follow. The application lets the user share the links, images, and videos in the form of tweets.

The user does have the option to message each other on a personal window. But quite recently Twitter has turned its prime focus on both content creators and user-generated video content.

As the more the video engagement will be so the same will be banner and text promotions, hence twitter making money. To monetize from the video makers. Twitter has a part of its income shared with the users. This is your answer to how Twitter makes money.


On the brighter side, Twitter collaborated with DoubleClick which was a very useful platform developed by Google, highly productive and useful for the ad hosting part for Twitter which was a great decision that helped to streamline the revenue generation of the company.

However, this does come down to the conclusion for Twitter that they would have to share the income from the promotion with Google which in the future had probable chances of Twitter minimizing its profits received.

This is the complete article on how does Twitter makes money. I hope this article on how does Twitter makes money was helpful to you and if you have any suggestions on this topic then mention them in the comments down below.

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