How To Make Money From Selling Aluminum Cans?

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Many of us want to buy and sell aluminum cans and make money by selling aluminum cans. But the questions arise is that for how much is the aluminum can worth and how much you can earn by selling aluminum cans. It totally depends on aluminum can prices and you can get these aluminum cans from a little money to thousands of dollars if you know the real aluminum can prices. If you have any kind of can like aluminum can and you want some money, then you can sell those can as metal is always worth some money.

So everyone wants to know the price of aluminum cans. As per today aluminum is about $0.85 cents per pound. The price of Aluminum is very cheap as compared to other metals and same goes for price of aluminum cans. Because of the smaller price tag and light weight, it doesn’t move as much as other costly metals. If we compare it with nickel, copper, lead, zinc and tin, it is the most affordable metal per pound. This is because it is the most common metal used. As you can discover aluminum in the majority of your cans, you can find aluminum easily and quickly anywhere. So if you need a lot of cash for the aluminum can, you must have a huge amount. When exchanging aluminum, feel free to smash or crush the cans early to save space.

The aluminum cans prices fluctuate and make you question how much are cans worth but the average prices for aluminum cans over the last 30 years prices for aluminum cans has been about 81 cents per pound.

Now many of us think how and where to convert aluminum cans for money.

price of aluminum cans

There are various places where you can convert your aluminum cans into money and that are

1) Scrap yards

2) Bottle deposits

3) eBay

Scrap yards- for every day, the aluminum price fluctuates and can be a little bit different. It functions like stocks, as individuals can put their money in various precious metals, however you will not see any kind of significant moves an everyday basis. There are a few metals that do vary more significantly for example tin, copper and nickel. These are some of the most important light and ordinary metals. The scrap yard will have a sell price and a buy price listed. This implies you will have to pay somewhat more at the of how much is aluminum worth than what it is worth and you will not get as much as what it’s worth and this makes you question how much are cans worth. This is just because the scrap yard needs to make profit on the exchange, and this is impossible if it offers a similar cost at what aluminum is exchanging at with the knowledge of how much is aluminum worth.

Bottle deposits- In the event that you have a aluminum can from a soft drink, soda or beer, you may wonder what to do with it. Presently, on the chance that you are in one of the states with a bottle deposit, you can get some amount of cash for your can. With numerous these states, you get five pennies for returning the can. The recycling rates are highest in these states so alum cans price to look into it.

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Selling aluminum on eBay- here you can sell your aluminum can for upwards of $4.00 a pound which is an answer to how much is a pound of aluminum cans worth. With a little time and creativity you can truly increase the sum you acquire from your cans if you know how much is a pound of aluminum cans worth.

aluminum can prices

There is a question arises that where to search for these aluminum cans. So you can search these places to look for these aluminum cans.

1) Family, neighbor and friends

To begin with, begin with your own family members, home, relatives and neighborhood houses. Inquire them whether they get their cans for reusing or recycling and if they don’t, would they mind on the chance that you took them off their hands. A few families drink carbonated refreshments or beverages which will lead to in a ton of cans for your collection. You should be careful while rifling through your neighbors’ waste bins for cans without their permission. You have to be ensured that you have their consent before getting the cans out of their recycling bins.

2) Place of employment

You can likewise check at your place of work as a source of collecting of aluminum cans. Most organizations have soft drink machines in their break rooms. What does your manager or employer does with those cans that individuals get from those machines? On the chance that you get permission to take those cans to your home then you can procure a great deal of cans also. Simply ensure that there are trash packs in the containers for easy removal.

3) Local businesses

This is another option for collecting aluminum cans. There are various businesses operating in your local area that may give you permission to set a recycling bin that will collect aluminum cans in their break rooms. Since now a days environment is an important issue so local businesses may provide you this opportunity to help in avoiding landfill. Also there are various individuals that set up their recycling bins in school lunch rooms. With this they are able to collect much alum cans and diverting it to their recycling business and thus making a good amount of money.

4) Events

There are various outdoor events such as concerts, festivals that will help you to collect aluminum cans. You can then use those aluminum cans in making a good amount of money by selling it or recycling it. Individuals that attend those events often leave those aluminum cans on the table or in the open on the grass. The people who recycle it or selling those cans collect those cans in order to make some profit.

5) Antique cans

If you are interested or like to collect the empties or cans in a garage and want to know how much is aluminum cans when they are antique, then you must keep your eye out for certain aluminum old cans. There are some antique cans that may be worth and can range from $35 to $1000.


So this article is related to prices for aluminum cans and your answer to how much is aluminum cans and hope this article on alum cans price will be helpful to you.

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