Predict Your Wealth Returns Before You Start with SIP & Compound Interest Calculator

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Navigating the path to financial stability is easier with the right tools in hand. Among the various investment options, the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) shines as a standout choice.

SIP is not just an investment; it’s a smart strategy. It offers discipline, convenience, flexibility, and the magical touch of rupee cost averaging. By using an SIP & Compound Interest Calculator you can also predict how much you can expect at maturity.  

This article discusses this calculator and how it can help you achieve financial goals. So saddle up and prepare for financial triumph.

How to Calculate Compound Return of SIP Using Calculator

Calculating the compound return of a Systematic Investment Plan using a SIP calculator can help you estimate how your investments will grow over time. You can open an SIP in ETFs or even in stocks. 

Step 1: Open the SIP Calculator

Open the SIP calculator on a website or app.

Step 2: Input Your Monthly Investment

Enter the amount you plan to invest every month in the “Monthly Investment” field. This is how much money you’ll put into your SIP regularly.

Step 3: Set the Expected Rate of Return

Estimate the annual rate of return you expect on your investments. You can adjust a slider or type in the percentage in the “Expected Rate of Return” field. This rate represents how much your money is expected to grow annually.

Step 4: Choose Investment Duration

Specify the number of years or months you intend to continue your SIP in the “Investment Duration” field. This is the period for which you plan to invest regularly.

Step 5: Calculate

Once you’ve entered your monthly investment, expected rate of return, and investment duration, you will get the SIP return

Step 6: View the Results

The calculator will provide you with the following important details:

  • Total Investment: This is the total amount you will have invested over the chosen duration, considering your monthly contributions.
  • Total Interest Earned: This is the total interest or returns you will earn on your investments during the chosen duration.
  • Maturity Value: This is the estimated total value of your investment at the end of the chosen duration, including both your contributions and the returns earned.

These numbers will give you a clear picture of how your investments will grow over time using the SIP. Remember that these calculations are based on your inputs and expected returns and are for informational purposes.

Example of SIP 

Let’s explore a hypothetical example of a Systematic Investment Plan in an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF).

You decide to invest Rs. 10,000 per month for 10 years in an ETF that historically returns 12% annually. Using an SIP calculator:

  • Initial Investment: Rs. 0 (Assuming you start from scratch)
  • Monthly Investment: Rs. 10,000
  • Investment Duration: 10 years
  • Annual Return: 12%


  • Total Investment: Rs. 12,00,000
  • Future Value: Approximately Rs. 24,29,428

SIP in ETFs or SIP in stocks offer potentially higher returns due to market performance, making it a more attractive long-term investment option.

You can begin your journey with an online investment app and take advantage of these resources to explore various investment options. 


Starting early and staying disciplined in your investments is key to financial success. Don’t forget to make use of handy tools like the SIP calculator and compound interest calculator for smart investment choices. 

Your financial future is in your hands, so make informed decisions and watch your wealth grow over time. Start now and secure a brighter tomorrow.

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