Putlocker Proxy: List of Unblocked Putlocker Proxy

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What do you think about watching movies and series online? A great feeling and an amazing experience indeed.

Though it is one of the most common trends followed today, the number of platforms that offer the opportunity to watch or download the movies online.

One of the best things about the platforms is that most of them are free to use and quite simple to access. Still, various things like the ads on the platform, quality, speed, sound, and various other factors.

One such amazing platform is Putlocker which is a comprehensive library of explicit content.

Let us have a quick look at the platform.

About Putlocker

A top player in a segment of the online platforms that offer a wide variety of entertainment content like movies, web series, tv-series, videos, and a lot more, Putlocker is definitely a platform with a friendly and simple display.

The platform is one with the proper categorization of titles that makes it simpler for the user to look for the content quickly.

The simple platform that one can access without the need of any registration or log-in need, the content is entirely free. With the high buffering speed, low ad count, variety of genres, and high security for children, it is entirely safe. The arrangement of content is based on genre, release, and country, making the title search even quicker.

Indeed the platform is highly friendly and safe to use; the content offered is the copied one that can lead to difficulties in accessing them. In any such situation, the visitor can either use the VPN to access the site or use a proxy server to reach the platform.

The link is https://putlocker-is.org/

VPN for Putlocker- Know The Basics

The best way to access the blocked or restricted site or content is with the help of a VPN. Allowing access while concealing the user’s identity, VPN, or Virtual Private Network is the safest way to access the site. One can use either a free or a paid version of the VPN, depending on the need. 

Also, most VPNs allow the users to try and test the same for around 30 days before actually buying it.

Some of the prominent and high performing picks of the VPN are:


Save 35%


Save 81%

VPNs are simple and basic, but some chances setting up VPN can be a tedious task. The alternative to using the VPN is the proxy server which is highly secure and safe.

Putlocker Proxies

VPNs are great, and so is their alternative option proxy server. Acting as the relay between the client and server, the proxy server seals the user’s identity while safeguarding access to the content that the user is actually looking for. 

Acting as the intermediary gateway, the platform uses the IP address of the proxy server to safeguard the user. The proxy servers act as the base to offer the most amazing service and connectivity with a simple connection.

The best proxy links available for the Putlocker are:

Use VPNPutlocker Proxy List Status
Putlocker Proxy 1checkmark
Putlocker Proxy 2checkmark
Putlocker Proxy 3checkmark
Putlocker Proxy 4checkmark
Putlocker Proxy 5checkmark
Putlocker Proxy 6checkmark
Putlocker Proxy 7checkmark
Putlocker Proxy 8checkmark
Putlocker Proxy 9checkmark
Putlocker Proxy 10checkmark
Putlocker Proxy 11checkmark

Putlocker Alternatives

Indeed Putlocker is the best online streaming platform to land on for the immense collection of entertainment content. But if you face any hassle, then the alternate options that offer quite an impressive content range are:

➦ 123Movies

123Movies is one of the finest torrent platforms that offer seamless integration, a user-friendly dashboard, and HD quality content for download. Showing the fantastic mix of Hollywood and Bollywood movies in the subbed and dubbed forms, this is a simple platform to access.

➦ FMovies

One of the best platforms that allow users to watch HD quality movies online is one of the best choices. Offering a range of movies from various genres and years of release, the collection offered here is impressive.


Do you love to watch movies and download them? If yes, then Solarmovies is one perfect destination for you. Offering the visitors high-quality video and enormous content, the platform is fun to use.


PrimeWire is a great place to go to watch movies for free. It offers popular movies and TV shows from online video streaming services. Previously known as LetMeWatchThis and 1Channel, this excellent free online video portal is going amazing.

Watch Free

Though one of the oldest platforms to offer entertainment content and series, Watch Free can be accessed without the need for any registration. The high-quality HD display, latest collection, sound quality, and seamless display make the platform quite favorable.


A free platform to stream movies, short videos, documentaries, anime media, and many more, this is the house of comedy, horror, romance, thriller, action, adventure, science fiction, and much more. The platform is entirely free to use with high-quality access.


Packed with good features, high-quality content, a wide array of ranges, and fewer ads, this is a great online streaming platform. The platform also features the top IMDb content to quickly make users access the best content and movies.


This is truly a hidden gem for all movie and series lovers with a huge library of entertainment content. With the HD quality display and genres ranging from comedy to action and thrill to horror, the platform has everything for viewers of all ages and preferences.


With a wide variety of content, this platform is known for the ad-free movie-watching experience. This is a great platform to opt for with the well-maintained content, diverse range, and personal recommendation section.


watching movies and series is the best experience and soothing as well. Though various platforms allow users to watch their favorite entertainment content online, still assuring that the platform is friendly and simple to use is important. Putlocker is one such platform that is ready to offer a wide variety of content, safe and secure.

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