Red Heart Emoji ❤️️

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Are you madly in love with someone? Then this Red Heart emoji is one for you. The bright red color of the Emoji will make your heart throb with love.

The symbol of the warm emotional feeling that is expressed as gratitude or love, this Emoji is used commonly.

The Red Heart Emoji was added in the year 1993 to the Unicode 6.0. With the increasing popularity, the Emoji was added to Emoji 1.0 in the year 2015. The Emoji is also known as the Heavy Black Heart, Heart, Love Heart, Red Heart, and is linked to love.

When to Use?

❤️ Red Heart
❤️ Heavy Black Heart
❤️ Heart
❤️ Love Heart
❤️ Red Heart

One of the most frequently used Red Heart Emoji, this looks similar to the classic red heart. A perfect emoji that is used to depict timelessly and the platonic-love, this Emoji is usually shared when you are texting to someone whom you love.

Additionally, the same can be shared with any other person to share the love with parents or between the spouse. The perfect depiction of love, the red heart emoji is the classic symbol of undying and eternal love.

In Snapchat, the Emoji is used against the friend’s name when you both are #1 best friends for the last two weeks straight. Sharing maximum snaps and messages, then this is the Emoji that reflects a great way to be best friends.

Red Heart Unicode Emoji

❤ U+2764

To Wrap Up

The bright red heart emoji that shares the feeling of being in love, then the red heart Emoji, is perfect to use.

The beautiful and bright red heart symbolizes a growing and flourishing relationship. Do not hesitate to express your love with the help of this fantastic red Heart Emoji.

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