Yellow Heart Emoji 💛

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Yellow is the symbol of being good friends with an unbreakable bond. A Yellow heart is a perfect depiction of being best friends and a love that is far better than romantic love; this Emoji is fantastically bright and beautiful.

The Yellow Heart Emoji was added in the year 2010 to the Unicode 6.0. With the increasing popularity, the Emoji was added to Emoji 1.0 in the year 2015. The Emoji is also known as the Gold Heart, Yellow Heart, and the #1 BF on Snapchat.

When to Use?

💛 Yellow Heart
💛 #1 BF Snapchat
💛 Gold Heart

The basic use of the Yellow Heart Emoji is related to the abstract relationship of friends. Basically, it is used to convey the feeling of love and liking; this Emoji is used to convey love, which is quite different but even more blissful than romantic love.

Additionally, the Emoji is also used to express happiness as yellow is a symbol of being happy. It is additionally used for spreading positivity and joy. The bright colored Emoji can also be used to express the feeling of respect and compassion.

In Snapchat, the Emoji is used against the friend’s name when you both are the best friends in common. The best Emoji to identify that you and your best friend share the relationship mutually, then this Yellow Heart Emoji appears.

Yellow Heart Unicode Emoji

💛 U+1F49B

To Wrap Up

The bright yellow-colored heart is one of the best ways to share happiness and joy; this Emoji is one that will help you to know about the best friend with a mutual feeling. An amazing and beautiful Emoji, this is ready to share happiness and spread a smile on your friends face.

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