Sparkles Emoji ✨

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Leave the blues behind and let us get those Sparkles. The glittering and flashy sparkles will add a charm to your message and bring light to your eyes.

A highlighting Emoji that can indicate various positive sentiments, including the feeling of love, happiness, and the qualities of beauty, gratitude, and excitement.

The Sparkles Emoji was added in the year 2010 to the Unicode 6.0. With the increasing acceptance, the Emoji was added to Emoji 1.0 in the year 2015. The Emoji is also known as the Sparkles, Glitter, and Shiny.

When to Use?

✨ Sparkles
✨ Glitter
✨ Shiny

The Emoji is directly linked to positive sentiments and feelings. Usually depicted by the clustered of three stars with a big star in front and two to three small stars, this is usually used to share the feeling of being excited or happy.

Additionally, the Emoji is also used to share the expression of newness or cleanliness. Also, the Emoji can be used to depict the fireworks as well. It can also be added against the name of the rising performer in the team.

In Snapchat, the Emoji is used against the friend’s name when you and one of your friends from the Snapchat list share the same group. It means when you two are participants in the same group; then this Emoji will appear.

Sparkles Unicode Emoji

✨ U+2728

To Wrap Up

A beautiful cluster of sparkling stars that signify the same group or symbolizes a rising star, the Sparkling Emoji is one that is used most commonly.

Expressing the feeling of gratitude and happiness, sparkles are the best. Undoubtedly the best addition to the list of Emoji to share your gratitude.

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