The Right Time To Look for A Property For Sales In Paphos

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When we talk about real estate, we tend to talk about timing. It’s all about catching the market at the right part of the curve to maximize your profits. Sometimes this is out of your control of course because circumstances might be forcing you to sell, for instance. Generally though, when most people search for property for sale in Paphos, it’s to make an investment. This could be because they’re retiring or simply changing their lifestyle and they plan to set up an online business from home, as an example. Either way, it’s about investing in property and timing does make a difference. Luckily though, now is a perfect time, as we’ll describe below. So, why not check out one of the top property developers,, who’ve been operating for over 40 years across Cyprus? You never know what pleasant surprises you might find. 

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Why Search for Property for Sale in Paphos 

Even with everything going on in the world, Paphos Cyprus remains a great investment location. There are many reasons but the top ones are listed below: 

  • Access to Europe 
  • Lifestyle 
  • A wide range of types of property 
  • Reliable transport and infrastructure 

Access to Europe 

Of course, there are lots of places that can boast access to Europe. However, Cyprus offers one of the easiest processes to get residency when you invest in property. This means you won’t have to renew your papers every year which saves you a huge hassle. You’ll actually feel like you belong and you can even access public healthcare. 


Many of us dream of a quieter pace of life and there’s no better place than on the Mediterranean coast. There’s something about warmer climates that naturally slows people down so that you can actually enjoy life with less stress. Then there’s the amazing local food and the fun festivals and lively bars and restaurants. Along with the sea sports and all the walking tours and hikes on offer then you really can’t get bored, even with a calmer life. 

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A wide range of types of property 

There’s something for everyone in Paphos Cyprus. You don’t have to limit yourself to Kato, Paphos town center, because there are many villages to explore across Paphos District. Some of the names that stand out are Chloraka, Talla, Kissonerga, and the popular Universal. Then again, you can also find some stunning detached houses in the more secluded Aphrodite Hills or some very luxurious apartments in Peyia overlooking Coral Bay and the Sea Caves. 

Reliable transport and infrastructure 

When it comes to investing in properties for sale in Paphos, it’s not just about timing. You also want to know that there’s long-term potential in your investment. The good news is that Cyprus will always attract people and future investors. This is because Cyprus offers the perfect mix of warm climate with a solid infrastructure and reliable transport and good business opportunity. As a growing economy, it’s a wise place to invest in that also has great schools, universities, and hospitals. Even if there are dips in the market, you can be sure that they’ll go up again relatively quickly. 

Now is the Right Time for Property for Sale in Paphos 

  • Prices are low and on the rise 
  • Restrictions are easing 
  • Summer is generally when properties come up on listings 

The state of the world has put pressure on all of us, including real estate in Paphos. As you might expect, prices have gone down although they are expected to be back at their original values by 2022 or so. Therefore, if you want to invest, now is the time whilst property prices are low and due to an increase. Furthermore, travel restrictions are starting to ease and Cyprus is putting in place plans to encourage travel. Although, don’t be concerned about any future overcrowding because Cyprus also prioritizes sustainable development. 

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Most real estate markets tend to become more active during the summer months. This is often because the winter is over and people are happy to go outside and do viewings. Also, many families who are thinking of moving want to get this done before the kids go back to school in September. The summer holidays are the perfect time to do the move and settle in. This can also impact the Paphos market because many buyers come from the world over so you should be able to find a large range of options across Paphos listings.

Final Thoughts for Searching for Property for Sale in Paphos 

The short answer is that now is the perfect time if you’re interested in searching for properties for sale in Paphos. The prices are low and starting to be on the rise again. Furthermore, Cyprus in general is a great long-term investment choice because of a strong infrastructure and the perfect weather. At the end of the day though, you have to follow your heart. The good news is that Paphos Cyprus offers a range of property types from bungalows to luxurious apartment buildings and detached houses across various villages and secluded areas. You’re bound to find something to fall in love with.

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