The Ultimate Crafters Guide to Using a Cutting Table

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If you’re a crafter, perhaps you sew or make scrapbooks or you create pretty much anything at all, you’re going to need a space to work. For many, that space begins as a kitchen table, a dining table, or a small corner of a room somewhere on a makeshift desk. Over time, however, that evolves. The more crafting you do, the more supplies you have, and the more space you need, the more likely it is you’ll need a cutting table to help you out. With that in mind, here are some tips on why a cutting table, used in the right way, is always going to be beneficial. 


Something that you might not have considered when it comes to buying a cutting table for your crafting is that they are much safer than a lot of other options – options that are not designed for sewing and cutting, for example. 

It is their height that is the main benefit here. Cutting tables are taller than standard tables, meaning your back, shoulders, and neck aren’t as stressed when you’re working. Most of the time, you can stand up and work comfortably. The height also means that curious children and pets tend to be much safer around your tools as they simply can’t reach them. 

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Cutting tables are designed to be robust; you’ll be using sharp implements on them, after all. This means they are much harder to damage than other furniture. Your cutting table will stay looking good for longer, and your other furniture – whatever you might have used without a cutting table in place – will not be subjected to your crafting and the damage that might bring to them. Even if little nicks and cuts do appear on the table, many crafters like this; it shows the table is used and reminds them of projects past. 


Cutting tables are designed to make crafting easier. They include measurement lines, helping you to cut whatever material you’re using to the exact size you want. You don’t have to use additional tools that might be hard to hold when you’re cutting, increasing the risk of mistakes or injuries. In fact, a digital cutting table would make this even easier, and ensure that all measurements are absolutely precise. 


Due to the fact that cutting tables are tall, as we’ve mentioned above, this means there is room for additional storage underneath. In some cases, this will be built in, but in others you can add it yourself – perhaps you can even make it a craft project. When you have plenty of storage, your crafting room or area can stay much neater. Not only is this beneficial for safety, but it also means you’ll be less likely to lose items or cause accidents that can ruin an ongoing project. Subconsciously, a tidier workspace offers much better productivity and comfort. 

If you love crafting, it’s crucial you have a comfortable space in which to enjoy your hobby. With a good cutting table, you can achieve a lot, no matter how big or small the space might be. 

And there you have it – the ultimate guide to using a cutting table for crafters of all abilities. 

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