Line of Succession: 4 Durable Watch Brands That Can Last for Generations

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Watches have become a mainstay in the world of fashion. They are not just necessities but they serve as vital fashion accessories for everyone. Wearing good watches tells a lot about you. It can reflect how much you value time and add sophistication to any look.

A good watch also says a lot about your personality. The world of enthusiasts has experienced many watches over time, each model with its edge. Are you curious about durable watches–ones that can last for generations? Below are four reliable watch brands that can probably match all your desires and preferences in a watch. Let’s begin!

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1. Omega

Mechanical watches are more advanced and durable than quartz watches. The household name that pops to mind when such watches are discussed is the Omega watch. 

It is one of the most respected watch brands in the world. It is a great swiss watch-making company. Its durability can also be measured or looked at through its history. Louis Brandt in the mid-1800s, a 23-year-old watchmaker opened a workshop in Switzerland. 

The history of this watch tells a lot about it and to an extent reflects how durable it can be. It has been used by great institutions and bodies like NASA. It was the first watch ever to be in space. This was approved as its space-time masterpiece on 1st March 1965.  What’s more, celebrities like Elvis Presley have worn and endorsed it. A former US president John F Kennedy has adorned the watch too. 

Their creation and use of materials give it longevity and aesthetic appeal. Their innovation of styles and patterns adds more value to them, and they’re helping it maintain a consistent and durable feature over the years. 

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2. Rolex

This is another great watch that has a long history and like the omega watch, they are also a Swiss-made watch. They began making Rolex watches for men and women from 904L stainless steel. This steel because of its hardness can shine when polished. It can’t lose its shape and integrity even when it is refinished many times and they are corrosion resistant. 

The steels of these watches are hypoallergenic and durable to withstand whatever they are subjected to. These watches are designed in such a way that they can withstand the daily rigors of life even when used in extreme conditions by sportsmen.  These watches go through authentication and inspection by experts. Meticulous inspections by these learned watch experts give their watches an edge in the business.

Rolex gold watches can be scratch-resistant. They are said to make more than 800,000 watches each year. They are a reputable watch franchise that can be reckoned with. The world’s celebrities are usually seen with Rolex and its exotic watches.

They use steel that is not used by others which can be expensive and complicated to machine steel. Before making watches, they consult lots and numerous geologists and all dive watches are to be tested individually. It takes the brand 1 year before they make one watch.

Anyone that gets a Rolex watch is guaranteed excellence, longevity on the watch that may appreciate as years go by. Users of Rolex will tell you how reliable and functional they can be. They have a relentless niche for getting a work near perfect, and always improving on everything they put out in the watch market.

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3. Tag Heuer

 This brand has been making great watches for a long time including mechanical, quartz, and tourbillon watches. They make high-precision sports watches. Its exterior robustness makes it a brand that can make it withstand conditions like temperature and other extreme situations.

4. Hublot

For Hublot, materials are an integral part of their watches’ design. They must complement their design while protecting their mechanism and withstand the test of time. As such, the manufacturer chooses to use high-tech ceramic for certain bezels and cases; it is an ultra-tough and almost entirely scratch-proof material (apart from the diamond) with a base of zirconium sintered at very high temperatures.

Its King Gold which is an 18- carat gold alloy has a hardness rating which is compared to steel because of its use of sophisticated use of materials like carbon and titanium. Its most impressive feature lies in the properties of this alloy. Even though it is hard as steel, it offers the same look, luxury, and value of gold. Without ceasing, they keep researching new materials and a combination as an innovator within the watch industry. 


Watches have become a fashion accessory that is no longer an option but an essential piece of fashion for all, regardless of gender. Anyone that visits a jewelry shop will see a plethora of these watches. There are good and durable ones that have lasted for centuries and would continue to tell time. You have to see for yourself if the mentioned watch brands, their worth, and durability are factors that endear you.

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