7 Tips When Buying A Women’s Wristwatch In 2021

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It is for a fact that usage of a wristwatch was predominated by the men market before. It was only before the 20th century when this personal timepiece was also worn by women.

But it is more for fashion and decoration purposes rather than for its timekeeping functions. However, this is not the case in today’s world anymore.

As more women started to penetrate different industries and became more liberated to pursue their endeavors and fields, wristwatches have become part of the lifestyle.

And there has been a progressive number of women who are also into collecting and investing in it.

There is just a lot to know more and consider about wristwatches before your purchase, specifically for the ladies.

And so, we have listed here a quick and simple guide when you intend to buy or invest in a good one that would *best* suit you and your style.

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1. Define the purpose and do your diligent research.

Watch buyers are more informed now than ever. It is also because of the accessibility to all sorts of information available on the internet, per se. But before actually buying a particular item, assess the purpose of your purchase. Is it intended for a casual yet fashionable style like the Hermes Clipper Watch? Or will you be using it for a more formal and elegant look?

Perhaps you need your watch to keep up with your day-to-day outdoor activities.

Whatever it may be, define where you intend to use it and do diligent research. There you can also find tons of in-depth reviews and pieces of information from different specialist sites aligned to your very type and need.

2. Set a budget.

From the varying designs, styles, and materials used, you will find several attractive wristwatches everywhere.

But before you get overwhelmed with everything, one thing that you must first consider is your budget.

You do not want to overspend or underspend with something of good value, either. It will, later on, help you narrow down choices from all options out there. And so, set a budget and stick to it!

3. Define your style.

Women’s wristwatches are pretty simple and complicated at the same time. And with that, we mean the different factors you must consider to choose what best suits your style and preference.

Let us dive into these.

4. Take note of the style of the watch.

The style or the physical attributes of the watch does matter. The round shape of the case remains to be preferred by most women.

Some are into the bolder and ‘more masculine style of those rectangular-shaped cases.

As mentioned, different types of watches also correspond as to when and where they will be used.

There are casual or good for everyday use watches.

There are also dynamic sports watches; the upscale, and most often than not, very pricey jewelry watches that can also be used on formal occasions; and the fashion watches released by fashion brands with a given emphasis on visuality and brand recognition.

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5. Mechanical or Quartz?

The movement or caliber is the engine of any watch. Quartz watches are innovations that were invented only in 1969, showing a more precise time and relatively cost lower than the mechanical ones.

However, for those ‘watch geeks’ and even to a large number of women watch users, these mechanical watches (also the traditional ones that we know) would be the better choice because of the expertise in the craftsmanship behind every piece of it.

6. Bracelet or Strap?

More and more women now prefer bracelet watches made from stainless steel, silver, or gold. These are mainly used for fashion and formal timepieces.

For a lighter alternative, strap watches are the way to go. These are made from leather usually and are good for your everyday casual look.

Interchangeable straps are also becoming a trend, so you can easily switch from a color to another to match your outfit for any given day.

7. Get what Suits Your Wrist

The size of the watch must complement the size of your wrist. It is still a no-no if it is deemed too big for your wrist. According to a blog from Lifer Hack, women’s wrist sizes range from 5 to 7 inches (roughly 12-17 cm) in circumference. On the other hand, women’s watches usually measure 22 to 34 mm in diameter.

For the more petite wrist sizes of 5 to 6 inches, a smaller diameter of a watch is suitable, preferably from 22-28 mm, while for an average woman’s wrist of 6 to 7 inches, watch diameter of 28-34 mm is advisable.

The size of the watch also depends on how and when it is treated or used. Fashion and jewelry watches tend to be smaller than those used for sports or extensive activities.

Casual watches usually have larger dials, while those high-end items have a more sophisticated and elegant design. 

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Wristwatches are Every Woman’s State-of-the-Art Accessory

Whether to express oneself, in elegance or simplicity, in extravagance or minimalism. Or perhaps, purely for the convenience and benefit of using, watches are a form of beauty with all its complexities and each one’s uniqueness.

A good one is an investment to treasure for a long time and surely, there will always be one that is perfect for you. We hope this helped you.

And now, we want to know, what are your personal preferences and style when it comes to a wristwatch? Let me know by sharing your thoughts below.

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