TOP 5 Biggest Mistakes When Creating Google Ads Campaigns

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However, when creating new or reviewing old Google Ads platform, you should always avoid the TOP 5 biggest mistakes you could make. These mistakes cost you time, energy, and even money. So to have everything in order you must be really careful.

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1. Not checking everything twice

Checking everything three times just to be sure wouldn’t hurt you as well. The problem with Google Ads is that when you set everything and send it, it is sent and only you can see if you didn’t make any mistakes.

Sometimes, one’s finger can move in a slightly different direction than intended and instead of a daily budget of 10€ you input 100€. You let it as is for several days and you wonder why is your Google Ads bill that high.

The same goes for every text and final URLs. A little mistake can change the meaning of the whole ad. So be sure to double check, even triple check!

2. Not reading through Google’s Policy

If you want to read Google advertising policies, you are going to need a lot of time. But trust us, this is absolutely worth it. It may seem like a boring reading, but this dull process is crucial for your campaigns.

If you don’t read the policies, you may not know why your ads may be prohibited from running. After that, you may end up spending a ton of time on something that could’ve been easily avoided by reading.

3. Not using everything provided by Google 

By creating a campaign and an ad, the show doesn’t stop there for you. You have so much more to do than just one ad per ad group. Google favors those who use everything Google serves them. This includes:

  • several ads for one ad group
  • using all the space when writing a text
  • callout extensions
  • sitelinks
  • structured extensions
  • call extension
  • address extension
  • price extension
  • and many more

There are more extensions to your Google ads, but these are the most commonly used. When it comes to various extensions and several ads with maximal length, this raises the Optimation Score of your campaign.

This way, it will show to more people and will be visible in higher places in the SERP. This way, your conversion rate is going to look much more to your liking.

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4. Not understanding your audience and target group

Using texts that say nothing to your target group is as good as throwing your money out of the window. You must know and be sure about what your audience likes.

It would be a shame if you put all your time and effort into nice quality texts and extensions when it says nothing to the group of people you wish to target. 

Be sure to be specific, provide what your target group wants and be clear about it. Be consistent and don’t forget about the main goal of your campaign. It may vary. Adjust your ads according to your goals. Always. 

5. Skimming on Budget

With the best ads ever directly made for your future customers or people you want to reach, understanding Google’s policies through and through, it means nothing if you skim on the campaign’s budget. 

Setting it too low may cause the ad not to show anywhere. We know, having a running Google Ad account may be pricey and you don’t want to put all of your money just into this one thing, but giving it way too little is definitely not the right choice. 

What you should definitely do? Automate! 

Automation in Google Ads is something that has been going on for a few years now. It helps thousands of merchants use Google Ads to their fullest potential. They save time, money and stress from uneasy campaign and keywords creation. One of these tools is BlueWinston, an online tool for product ads that will help you create the best ads in just a few minutes with a few clicks.

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