Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Bihar with Low Investment

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Bihar is amongst the most backward states of India with a sufficient population. There is a need for rapid business establishments and ideas in Bihar to employ a greater number of youth and to pave a step towards the upliftment of people in the society.

The inauguration of the latest business ideas in Bihar and initiatives to implement them would allow the population of Bihar to become more economically stable and let youth rely on themselves.

You can choose from different business ideas that are both beneficial to the society as well as the local community there.

Some of the popular ideas in Bihar are:

Top 10 profitable small business in bihar india

1. Gift Articles Shop

Gift Shop

The lockdown has experienced a boom in the sale of gift articles and handmade goodies this season. In a year, there are several occasions and festivities like birthdays of your relatives, family, and friends, Valentine’s day, Diwali, Holi, and other important festivals.

Many people tend to order unique gift articles and expect to receive a faster and rapid delivery service.

Therefore, gift article shops are amongst the major business ideas in Bihar that can prove to be quite successful in a location like Bihar.

2. Food Delivery Services

Food Delivery

Food Delivery Services are the top services in demand these days. Getting your food on the go is amongst the most desired services required by people of age groups.

You can create certain apps or software that allow the online users to look upon the various restaurants in the nearby areas, get a detailed list of the meals provided by them and order them on the go.

These services are high in demand and as soon as the profits increase you can also hire some other people who can work as a team and let your business flourish.

3. Sanitary Pad Manufacturing

Sanitary Pad Manufacturing

A state like Bihar has a strong orthodox tendency along with many women and girls living in repressed conditions. Sanitary Pads have becomes an integrated part of female health and hygiene.

Therefore, starting a small-scale business of sanitary pad manufacturing and selling them at convenient rates might be the whole round solution to many women’s health issues.

It will also give a chance to employ more women in this sector, provide ample opportunities to the youth and establish a sustainable business in the long run.

4. Event Management

event management

Event managers are significantly well-paid and can have a good income source, especially during the wedding season. You can plan weddings, small parties, birthdays, functions, and many other festivities.

You can always earn very good money in case you come across a wealthy family. Even some families could hire you as their personal event planner in the long run.

Though this business could end up being more of a seasonal nature, it is still worth trying because once established; returns would be great.

5. Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

Providing education is one of the biggest virtues of mankind and is also a great service. You can work as a part-time or a full-time tutor and teach a group of school-going or kindergarten kids.

This will enable you to impart knowledge to them and raise the standards of the society you are living in. This will not only support your business cause but will prove to be an excellent business initiative.

6. Online Resellers

Online Resellers

With greater increase in the usage and applications of social media sites, it has become very convenient to create a wider network online and start a small business.

One can easily work as an online reseller wherein they can take stock from other shopkeepers or sellers and sell it in their network. This kind of business does not need an insane amount of capital or space.

All you have to do is establish a proper connection and take their order and deliver them safely.

7. Online Book Keeping

Online Book Keeping

Bookkeeping is certainly a more practical and outgoing business idea in Bihar. You can start an online bookkeeping service business especially if you have previous experience in accounting or data entry.

Moreover, an online business will certainly expand your reach and allow you to work for multiple companies simultaneously.

8. Franchise Business


If you are a layman in the field of business, it is better you own a franchise that I’ll allow you to work under an already established brand name and have a pre-established customer base. You can own any franchise relating to food, drinks, education, clothing, footwear, etc.

Being a franchise owner is fairly a better option than starting from scratch, this is mainly because you have an already set customer base, a powerful brand name which means you need not spend money on the brand making, marketing, etc.

9. Café or a Restaurant

Café Business

If you have a sufficient amount of capital, you can always take a bigger step towards setting up a business by establishing your own café or restaurant.

Since the trend of eating out is fairly upbeat, you can always get good returns and money if you invest your money in the right place at a favorable location.

You can keep your restaurant cuisine specific like Italian, Indian, and so on. Apart from that, you could also choose whether how much money you want to invest and select the menu, staff, HR department all very carefully.

This business always requires a large amount of work as well as fixed capital to be successful.

10. Printing Services

Printing Services

Personalization is highly impactful in today’s world. The printing business is gaining good profits since its scope and versatility have increased over the years.

It is no more stuck to printing wedding albums or just education material. You can start t-shirt printing, cup printing, photo printing, designing, and much more.

Therefore, the printing business can be quite effective and successful if you have the right resources, reach, network, and proper planning.


Other than these, there are many other business ideas in Bihar lying for you to explore. You can either collaborate with influential people or form an association with your friends and establish a small-scale business for yourself.

You can choose from a wide array of choices like caretaker, tutoring, food delivery services, or event management, and much more.

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