Top 10 New Business Ideas in Punjab with Low Investment

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Well every business starts with a great idea, an idea which indeed can change our lives. Well everyone thinks that a great business thus needs a good financial support, yeah that’s true but what’s more important is not money but a very well planned business plan or idea which will ignite our dreams to reality.

Punjab, a land of rich culture and food or yeah as history says a land of 5 rivers, but Punjab is well known for its contribution to our country’s economic growth either is green revolution or being core part of Manchester manufactures of our country.

Ludhiana being not just a city of Punjab but its way more than that, its Manchester of India, because it helped flourish different Businesses in Punjab and  gave a room to brands like hero cycles, Monte Carlo, sporting, vardhmaan etc.

Just like the above example we can surely say that brands were not recognized in just one day, it took years of hard work and effort, but the most common factor among them was a great business idea to be best out of the lot.

So, talking about Punjab various business ideas in Punjab could be:

1. E-commerce Pump Store and Agriculture Tools:

E-commerce Pump Store

Such as an e-commerce platform where buyers can buy products directly from dealers or deliver them to local addresses, with various payment modes such as COD, UPI, or debit/credit card, etc.

2. Foodie Mobile Shop:

food truck business in goa

As food is the first love of every north Indian person, so various mobile food shops could be a boon for various hospitality and food organizations. Also, investing in food and clothing is a very easy job in Punjab as you will find the right consumers for it and food and clothes are something which people are always carving for.

3. A Pet Shop:

Pet Shop

Which comprise of everything a pet deserves for him/her, whether doctor, spa, food, and nutrients, etc.

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4. Stress Release Stop:

Stress Release Stop

A place you can just sit and relax out from cutting ourselves from the outer world, through videos, or movies, or music on the go. This is a unique and new business idea that can work wonders with a bit of creativity and luck.

5. Electric Charging Spots:

Electric Charging Spots

Future is here so we should welcome future static ideas alive too, as various charging spots could be installed for future electric vehicles. And therefore this can prove to be a great business option.

6. Movable and Door-to-Door General Services:

Door-to-Door General Services

As nowadays various vehicles tend to end up a lot of traffic jams a few sources of commercial vehicles should be there for even carrying general items from 1 stop to another that too from door to door services.

7. Robotic Cleanser:

Robotic Cleanser

Well, Punjab is known for its food variety but not for its cleanness drives so miniature robots could be installed at various eatables shops to avoid dirt over the place.

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8. Organic Farming and Fish Culture:

Fish Farming

As, a rich culture soil, it is very easy to support organic farming conditions in Punjab and practice over coming years as it would impact health for consumers and attract more health-conscious persons or audience.

9. Hot Air Balloon or Plane Rides:

Hot Air Balloon

Well, such activities are very low-key in Punjab, so overcoming years of investment in various adventure products can help to grow the tourism culture in Punjab. Thereby making it a good business idea in Punjab for the future.

10. Imax Theatres:

Imax Theatres

Well, an entertainment culture-rich state Punjab thus require a very high define and good quality cinema for people so, it can be another good opportunity for business purpose.

Starting A business Needs:

  • Finance
  • Team
  • Business plan
  • Execution
  • Investment on project
  • Expansion of Project
  • Analysis and Act
  • Updating


Punjab’s culture is very rich for new business ideas and youth power, well youth power determines the presence of young minds and thoughts of a state or any country and it is youth-only which can turn every problem into an opportunity and even work upon it, so a state comprising of such a great youth power and aura will never fallout to impress the world and leave its remark in terms of business over every part of the world.

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