Top 10 Business Ideas for Chennai to Start in 2022

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Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. “The Detroit of India“ is the nickname of Chennai because most automobile companies are situated there. Chennai is also known for the Tamil film industry.

It is among the most visited cities in India tourists and is a good location for opening a business. It is the city which is citing the blend of both modern and traditional values together.

Chennai contributes largely to the urban economy of India. There are many businesses in Chennai, which can be started with less capital investment.

There are significant business opportunities in Chennai because it is developing rapidly. Chennai has a suitable atmosphere for many businesses with low pressure. Various small scale businesses can be started easily with low investment.

Here is a list of the top 10 business ideas in Chennai…

10 business ideas in chennai after lockdown

1. Book store:

Book Store

As Chennai is the educational hub, many top institutes are situated here. So setting up a bookstore with innovative ideas can be a great business opportunity. One can include books, novels, stationery, etc., with some new ideas to attract customers.

2. IT services:

IT Services

This idea for doing business in Chennai can be powerful because it can get started quickly with just good internet and good online platforms like websites or blogs. One should have digital marketing skills so that you can make good money out of it.

3. Maid Services Business:

Maid Services

In Chennai, many women are also doing jobs, so searching for a maid can be challenging for them. So, establishing a company of it by arranging the right people and making a website of it can be a good business idea.

4. Fruit Juice Kiosk:

Fruit Juice Kiosk

Chennai is a hot climate city, so starting a fresh fruit juice shop can be a boon. It is a meagre budget business idea with a high income. You need to know the best locality to set up fruit juice kiosks like near offices, schools, institutes, etc.

5. Food Delivery:

Food Delivery

Most people nowadays prefer to buy food online when they are busy, or there is any occasion. One can set up a business of delivering food at the door set a step by making a website where they include the menu of nearby restaurants. It does not require technical skills; you just need a good team of reliable people.

6. Blogging:


One can start blogging from anywhere. This is a business which can be from home along with studying or doing a job. You just need a laptop or a computer to start it, and then you buy a domain. And can start posting articles on your blog according to the trend.

7. Photography:


This proves to be a superb business idea in Chennai as this city is a favorite place for many tourists from abroad and also has a Tamil film industry. One should need to be creative with photography skills. You can set up a professional studio or can simply start individually.

8. Automobile Services:

automobile services

Most people in Chennai do jobs, so they own a car, and setting up a business of giving automobiles services can be exciting and profitable with quality services. This is definitely one of the best business ideas for Chennai.

9. Event management:

event management

It means organizing, planning, and managing meetings, ceremonies, and parties. Due to busy lifestyles, people often prefer to hire someone who can manage and plan an event for them according to the occasion. One can set up a company of a few people who are skillful in this field. This business has a great opportunity.

10. Café

Café Business

This can also be a good business idea in Chennai. Most people love to take coffee or tea during working hours or after that. And Chennai is a massive hub of many offices, and employees there may love to have coffee and tea.


Nowadays, these small-scale businesses and startups are playing a crucial role in the economy of India. You can choose any of these business ideas if you are living in Chennai and going to start one. These are the best low-cost businesses and can be created easily without any higher qualifications.

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