Top 10 Startup Business Ideas in Maharashtra for 2022

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Maharashtra, being the second most populated state of India, is also one of the wealthiest and most urbanized states. Numerous businesses can grow very well in Maharashtra. India’s leading state in industrial production, agriculture and trade, and transport is known to be one of the most developed states among all.

Some of the business ideas in Maharashtra are:

1. Organic Store:

Organic Store

The state of Maharashtra holds a pretty good number of the population engaged in agriculture. As people are becoming health-conscious day by day, this business has many scopes since everyone wants a healthy life with the help of organic products that are fresh but very healthy.

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2. Tourism Business:


Since Maharashtra is the most urbanized state, it is also one of the most fantastic tourist attractions. Places like Lonavala, Khandala, Mahableshwar, Matheran, etc., provide a mesmerizing landscape beauty and Western ghats.

3. Transport Business:


Maharashtra has some of the most urbanized cities and metro cities, making it an IT hub, education hub, and with this, it opens the door and welcomes students and bachelors from all over the country. Here comes the transportation role when they have to mobilize on day-to-day life either to offices or colleges; hence it would be a wise decision to have your cab services.

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4. Acting and Dance Schools:

Dance Schools

Being in India, we are all aware that Mumbai and Pune are among the country’s entertainment hubs and contribute to economic growth. These people are focusing on their interests more often, and therefore there are 100’s of people traveling to Mumbai from cities and villages to accomplish their dream of acting and dancing.

5. Meals on Wheels Business:

food truck business in goa

Being richest does not mean forgetting the middle ranges of our population, which still thrives on ready-to-eat in the go services. May it be from starting their day with a quick breakfast of sandwiches to an evening break snack from the office. The majority crowd of these cities of Maharashtra is a fan of these mobile food truck services as it saves their time a lot.

6. Consultancy Firm Business:

Consultancy Firm

As already discussed, there are working professionals willing to move to cities like Mumbai, Pune but are not aware whats the direction to choose and what firm would get the money as well as fulfill their passion. The consultancy firms are such that provide tip-to-toe information to the individual.

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7. Nutritionist and Dietitian:

Nutritionist and Dietitian

In this fast-moving lifestyle where there is no time for food for workouts, we genuinely need a nutritionist at least so that at least a proper diet can be followed as prescribed for a healthy life.

8. Property Agents:

Property Agents

When people mobilize from their cities to cities like Mumbai or Pune, they need an estate agent to fix their primary accommodation issues and provide them places as per their requirements and budget. This business is at the peak and would be growing in the coming years.

9. Textile Business:

Textile Business

India, being the largest cotton producer, holds great importance in the international market for yarns, textiles fabrics, and garments. Many countries are looking forward to investing in textile and Garment production in India.

10. Security Services:

Security Services

Being the financial capital of India, Mumbai has some high dignitaries and VIPs residing here, and hence for their safety, they require security services. This is for VIPs and film celebrities; therefore, it’s a good-paying business in Maharashtra.


So, these were some top Business Ideas in Maharashtra which are either at their peak or have the potential to pace up since it’s primarily in demand now.

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