6 Ways to FIX Netflix Error Code NW-3-6

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One of the finest platforms to watch movies and TV series, Netflix has audiences worldwide. With the endless stream of entertainment content that makes the viewers have fun, that platform offers great subscription packages.

Streaming entertainment content on Netflix is easy and swift, but still, there are a few Netflix error codes that can make you face the difficulty.

Some of them reflect the error with the platform, while others are linked to network issues.

Let us have a look at the Netflix error code nw-3-6 in this article.

About Netflix Error Code NW-3-6

The Netflix error nw-3-6 is one of the most common errors that the user might face while streaming on Netflix.

It is linked to the network error that makes it difficult for the device to access the content on Netflix.

The error displays that the system is facing a problem connecting with Netflix, and the user is sought to connect again later.

If one faces an nw-3-6 error, it is important to find the reason and know how to fix it.

Reason For Netflix Error Code NW-3-6

If the user faces the Netflix error code nw-3-6, the main reasons behind this are:

✔ If there is a configuration problem with the ISP or the device, there can be an interruption in connecting to the streaming platform, causing the nw-3-6 error.

✔ While using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, this error can occur due to network connectivity issues. 

✔ The Netflix error nw-3-6 can also occur when there is some problem at Netflix’s server end.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6?

When you encounter the Netflix error code nw-3-6 while streaming on the platform, then follow the simple method to resolve it to resolve the same at the earliest.

One of the most common errors, the best thing about nw-3-6, is that one can easily resolve it in various ways. The most common solutions are:

1. Restart The Device.

1. Restart The Device

The first and simplest method to solve the nw-3-6 error is to restart the device.

➦ The method is simple to remove the Netflix cache and restart the device.

➦ There is a chance that one will require the same process to repeat 3-5 times.

➦ Shut down the system and then let it stay as such for a couple of minutes.

➦ Now restarts the system and connects with Netflix.

2. Restore Default Connection Settings.

2. Restore Default Connection

Sometimes the Netflix error nw-3-6 occurs if there are some changes in the connection.

➦ Simply disable the Virtual Private Network (VPN) settings and disconnect from the proxy servers.

➦ Now reset the custom settings by acquiring DNS automatically.

3. Verify the Internet Connectivity.

3. Verify the Internet Connectivity

When the problem is with the ISP, then also the error nw-3-6 can occur.

If the router or DNS settings are getting in their way, it won’t be able to stream, and one can reset or verify the internet connectivity to fix the error.

➦ Simply turn off the streaming devices and router.

➦ Now connect the streaming device directly to the modem using the ethernet cable.

➦ Restart the device and start streaming.

4. Restart the Internet.

4. Restart the Internet

If the internet connection still fails to operate properly, then restarting the internet is one of the finest options.

While this solution is usually mistaken, it is done with the help of power cycling.

The steps are quite simple to follow.

➦ Unplug power from your Internet Router, and Wait for 5 minutes.

➦ Now, Plug the power back into your Internet Router.

➦ Start the streaming device after 5 minutes to check if it works

5. Verifying DNS Settings.

5. Verifying DNS Settings

If none of the solutions work, there is a chance that the Netflix error nw-3-6 is caused due to the configuration issue with the gaming console network or incorrect/corrupted information.

In such a scenario, the steps that one needs to follow differ for different consoles. The most common ones are:

For PlayStation

➦ Navigate to Settings and go to Network Settings.

➦ Select Internet Connection Settings, then Custom.

➦ Select either Wired Connection or Wireless, depending on the connection method.

➦ If Wireless, then under the WLAN section, select Enter Manually. Now press the right directional button three times to get to IP Address Setting.

➦ If Wired Connection, select Auto-Detect for Operation mode.

➦ Select Automatic for IP Address Setting, Automatic for DNS Setting, and Automatic for MTU.

➦ Select Do Not Use for Proxy Server and Enable for UPnP.

➦ Press the X button to save the settings.

➦ Select Test Connection to check the working.

For Xbox

➦ Press the Guide button on the controller.

➦ Go to Settings, then select System Settings.

➦ Select Network Settings.

➦ Select the Network and go to Configure Network.

➦ Select DNS Settings and select Automatic.

➦ Turn the Xbox off and back on.

➦ Try Netflix again.

6. Set IP Address to Static for Smart TV.

6. Set IP Address to Static for Smart TV

This is another option to solve the Netflix error code nw-3-6.

The steps to be followed are:

➦ Open Setting, then Network, and Network Settings.

➦ Either copy or take the snapshot of the IP address, the Subnet, and the Gateway.

➦ Now go back to Network and then to set Network on manual.

➦ Enter the information copied or from the snapshot.

➦ Now try streaming again.


Are you facing Netflix error code nw-3-6 while streaming? While the most common reason is the internet connectivity or configuration issue and can be resolved following the simple steps, if the problem still persists, one can easily connect the customer support team to get it resolved.

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